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3 Looks 1 Palette: UOMA Beauty Savage Black Magic Color Palette

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A new brand has arrived at Ulta that’s cruelty free and I seriously wanted to give it a chance as their palettes looked gorgeous. I will be doing the other palettes over the next couple of days. The Savage Black Magic Color Palette has a lot of rich red and blue tones. It has a mixture of matte, glitter, and metallic formulas which are all just stunning. If you would like a more in depth review on these palettes let me know and I’ll make it happen. Anyways, onto the three looks I created using this palette.

But first here are the shade descriptions since I’m just going to referencing the shades by name rather than describing each as I go over the look:

  • Black Magic (shimmery silver with black undertones)
  • Fierce (shimmery metallic blue)
  • She Tore (metallic burnt pink)
  • Savage (shimmery burnt coral red)
  • Lightening (shimmery silver)
  • Storm (matte deep blue)
  • Black Y’all (matte black)
  • Foxy (matte light brown)
  • Warrior (matte burnt blush)
  • Oya (matte blush pink)

Look 1: Savage Warrior

This first look I did with the palette was also the first time I ever tried any of Uoma products including their foundation (which is not the right shade tone for me, I should’ve tried it in the store first) so just enjoy how off that is. As for the eyeshadow I started out with Oya across my crease then deepened the inner and outer corner with Warrior. Next on my finger I used Savage with a pop of Lightning in the center. After I blended out any edges and added some Black Y’all in the outer corner. Then I put on Azeredo Cosmetics Doll lashes before I smoked out the lower lash line with Oya and Black Y’all. Lastly I took some more Lightning on my inner corner. On my lips I have on ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Pearl Next Door.

Look 2: Blue Hibiscus

This next look was inspired by bangtsikitsiki and pidgindoll over on Instagram. I used the following shades of the palette to create this look: Foxy, Warrior, Storm, Black Y’all, Fierce, Black Magic, and Lightning. Along with Azeredo Cosmetics Bombshell Lashes (Affiliate Code MAE10 for 10% off, ColourPop Creme Gel Pot Liners in Kicker (silver), Prance (periwinkle), and Exit (white), and ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner in Crzy (navy blue). I have on Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Can’t Relate on my lips.

Look 3: 3D Vision

This last look was inspired by several looks I have seen from Nicole Tait on Instagram where you do a split color crease with a “neutral” center of the lid. And I thought they would be perfect for this final look to combine the blue and red elements from the Uoma Beauty Savage Black Magic Color Palette.

So I started out with Oya on the inner half of my crease and Storm on the outer. Then I blended them out with some lighter shades of red and blue from the NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette. Next I took Lightning in the center of my lids and blended out with Savage on the inner third and Fierce on the outer. Next I took some ColourPop Creme Gel Liners in Venus (red) and DTLA (navy blue) on my water line then used the same matte shadows I used on the top to smoke out the lower lash line. To finish up the shadows I used Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighter in Squid to highlight the inner corner and brow bone.

I was going to use ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner in Crzy on the upper lashes but mine has ran out or dried out so instead I used NYX Epic Ink Liner on the outer half with Venus on the inner. As for lashes I’m wearing Azeredo Cosmetics Hollywood Lashes in this look. On my lips I have ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Star Crossed.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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