5 Beautiful Backyard DIY Projects for This Summer

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Summer is the best time to start an outdoor DIY project. You have more time on your hands, the days are longer and if you find the right time, when it’s not too hot, just being outside, playing with your tools could be a real treat.

These projects are about more than just having fun and working on your hobby – if they are implemented right, they could be a valuable addition to your backyard and in some cases, even raise the value of your entire property.

Music in the backyard

If you have kids, this addition to your backyard could provide hours of fun and music and it’s pretty easy to build. It would take you an afternoon of work to finish the project completely or you can spread it over the weekend while waiting for the wood to dry.

Cut nine pine bars to length and paint them in different colors using two coats of paint. Make holes on both sides through which you could get a line of rope. Attach the rope to a bench, a tree or create posts on both sides and you got yourself a xylophone.

Build a chicken coop

Before you actually build anything, think about the size and location of your coop. Decide on how many chickens you want and have in mind that the weather conditions will change at some point.

The easiest way to approach actual building is to create a wooden frame and add details later depending on the future needs. The frame should be rectangular and wooden. Use cedar or redwood because it’s naturally resistant to rot. Open-air parts should be covered with chicken wire that would keep the poultry in while letting in enough air.

Hanging daybed

A hanging daybed is easy to make, it doesn’t have to be too expensive and it provides a great spot for relaxing in your garden, especially if you can find a shadow to lay in all day. The bed should be able to fit a standard twin mattress.

Start by building a frame and then add the deck boards, placing them half an inch apart. Attach the lag screws on all four sides of the bed, make them tight, but be sure not to over tighten them and weaken the joint. Add the mattress and the ropes and hang the bed.

Cozy quarters

Barbecues are probably the most fun part of an outdoor kitchen, but you could go a step further than that. Start by creating a small wooden fence that will keep you hidden from your neighbors and allow you to have a warm and cozy atmosphere. Use Capital appliances to create a small outdoor kitchen. A barbecue and a range would be enough to cover all the bases. Professionals could install these appliances for you; your job is just to add some bricks and create a nice patio where you could throw parties.

Mosquito-proof the yard

Mosquitoes could really spoil an otherwise great family day in the back yard. Luckily, there’s a way to deal with them that’s both efficient and natural. The mosquitoes won’t be harmed and you could have a peaceful night outside.

Start by eliminating all standing water because that’s the best breeding ground for mosquitoes. Add a few citronella candles across the yard and light them at night. They are decorative, smell nice, and mosquitoes hate them. You could even make a few yourself.

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These projects won’t take more than a day each and they can make your backyard more functional and more beautiful.

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