5 Tips on Handling a Difficult Situation and Anxiety

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Right now I’m going through a really frustrating and difficult situation that I cannot talk to anyone about for legal reasons. Someday I’ll maybe be able to say something about it and when it does I’ll probably do a story time or something like that. And it’s giving me a lot of anxiety, so I thought it would be a good idea since I can’t talk about that to share some tips on dealing with a difficult situation and anxiety in general. Whatever the case may be.

Go For a Walk or Exercise

One of the way first things I do when I’m feeling anxious, I will do for a walk. It helps you take your mind off of the item that is stressing you out. I like to go for walks in the woods as the fresh crisp air really helps bring me back to a happy place. Especially if I’m out with my dog as she just has the time of her life trying to get at every little smell. So paying attention to her is a mind workout so you don’t have a second to dwell on the thing stressing me out.

Exercise goes along side of this as it requires your mental capacity. Plus exercise helps release chemicals in your mind that help you calm down.

Talk to Someone Else

Now for this most recent item that I can’t talk about, there are a few people I can talk to without causing any issues. Which is actually really helping me out, as they are reassuring and point things out to me that I didn’t think of before. Or help put my thinking back on track. If you have a lot of anxiety and don’t think those around you can help, therapists are a great option as they can help you with various coping techniques as well as give you a person you can rant to without worrying about it.

Listen to Music

I have a playlist on my iPod that I listen to whenever I am starting to feel anxious as they help cheer me back up or calm me down. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to happy music when I’m anxious as it just pisses me off. And other times I want to only listen to happy music to turn my mood around. So for each case, I have a separate go-to playlist.

Practice Yoga and/or Meditation

Meditation is something I try to practice daily if not every other day, as it helps me relax and focus. It encourages me to address the issue right away rather than letting it bottle up until it explodes in my face. This is a skill I’ve had to work on for many years. I used to get really bad panic/anxiety attacks, but meditating has helped reduce them. And I’ve also been trying to learn yoga as it’s sort of a combination of meditation and exercise, but I’m really bad at it since I try to do it on my own at home. I generally do ten minute sessions when I’m doing either. Which is just enough to help calm down my system and focus my mind on what I need to do.


Now I know this might not help everyone, as I know my sister if she tries painting finds it stressful. But I find it insanely helpful, I like to paint without a plan in mind going into the painting and just create whatever comes to my mind as it happens. Sometimes it turns out really well, and other times not so much. But either way it helped me get through the anxiety caused by whatever difficult situation was going on at the time.

What are your tips for handing a difficult situation and/or anxiety? I would love to hear your tips! I’m going to be offline to deal with this event and my mental health, but I’ll still be checking up on your comments as they help. Daily posts will be back Monday. Thanks for understanding.

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