6 Ways To Make Your Style More Comfortable

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If it were up to me I would wear pajamas every day, or a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie. But I can’t exactly wear that to work as I would probably get fired for dress inappropriately for the office. So how do you get the comfort of pajamas when you have to dress more presentable? And if you’re like me, I sit at a desk for nine works while I’m working. So the thought of tight clothing is so uncomfortable. Along with wearing heels, they just rub in the wrong way on most days. And after several years of experimenting with my style I’ve come up with ten techniques to dress comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

1. Forget size and focus on fit.

There is no standard size across any brand, so it’s better just to go with what fits and feels comfortable. I tend not to buy things online unless I know either the exact measurements or have tried on the clothes beforehand to know they will fit correctly. If I’m in a store, I will dance in the dressing room or stretch in like every direction so I can fully tell it’s not going to drive me crazy in the future. If it doesn’t fit right or tugs in a certain position, then it’s a no go for me.

2. Embrace flats and stylish sneakers.

I used to wear heels every day to work and now I can’t stand them. I much prefer wearing flats or a good pair of sneakers. They are more comfortable and can be really stylish. You don’t need heels to pull of a look these days. So invest in some good flat options that go with everything and you’ll be good to go for a long time.

3. Get some shoe insoles.

When I work at the pet hotel on the weekends, until my main job where I sit nine hours I’m moving and on my feet for nine hours. So a good set of insoles make walking or standing more comfortable.

4. Banish buttons, hooks, and snaps.

I honestly when I’m getting ready in the morning, I don’t reach for anything that I know is going to be work. Those items being buttons, hooks and/or snaps. I don’t want to spend a long time trying to get ready, I much prefer stretchy material, drawstrings, or maxi dresses.

5. Maxi Dresses.

I love a good maxi dress. They make you look super stylish like you really tried for the day, but it only took you a minute to put on. Plus it doesn’t tug in any area and is insanely comfortable. Not that this changes anything, but I’m very short so most maxi dresses are much too long so I have to either deal with them being too long or tailor them to be shorter for me.

6. Be true to your style sense.

For years, I tried to match the style of all the bloggers I saw online. The rolled up jeans and a blazer. Or light colors but it’s honestly not me. I much prefer wearing black clothing that borders being being hipster, punk/grunge, and gamer tees. So I’m starting to get rid of all the things that I thought everyone else loved online and changing it to be more things that truly make me happy. Plus I just want less clothes in my closet in general as way have it all if I only honestly reach for a few items. So dress to your style and you’ll feel more comfortable in general.

What are some things you do to dress comfortable but still stay stylish?

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