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8 Standout Kitchen Trends to Watch out for in 2018


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A gorgeous kitchen is the pride of every home. It is also the place where families love spending time together, and where, oftentimes, a lot of our fondest memories are created. Here are the most exciting kitchen design trends for next year.

Sustainable all the way

Green has been the way to go for a while now, in every aspect of life. The sustainability buzz is just as strong when it comes to kitchens. Natural materials are definitely in. Think stone, wood, terracotta, even concrete. If you can incorporate some reclaimed wood elements, you will be able to hone in on another trend as well – the distressed and rustic vibe. Pay some attention to the appliances that you buy too.

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Go eclectic

Eclectic elements including plenty of little details is a trend that has been around a while, and it just doesn’t seem to be going away. It makes for a very charming look, full of life and character. Be warned though – eclectic can quickly turn into messy, so be careful not to overdo it.

Opt for quality

When it comes to kitchens, functionality always takes precedence, even over aesthetics. Take your time to seek out quality materials and appliances, like those from Frigidaire. This will ensure your kitchen not only looks great, but also serves its purpose. While bold-colored appliances are still popular, you might want to opt for traditional, neutral colors, because they should definitely outlast this trend.

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Play with colors

All of the usual suspects when it comes to kitchen colors will still be in next season. Mint green? Check. Robin egg blue? Check. White? Check. However, joining the ubiquitous pastel shades this season are strong colors, such as emerald green or dark blue shades. Navy in particular will be everywhere in 2018. Orange seems to be one of the current favorites for accents. Even faucets and sinks will be sporting bold shades next year.

Enhance with lights

An extraordinary light fixture can elevate the look of your kitchen from good to amazing. Explore your space to really get a feel of the sort and position of lights that would best emphasize it. If you can, splurge on statement lights, made from interesting materials such as bronze or hand-blown glass.

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Subway tiles are out

Subway tiles were quite popular the past few years, and we have to say we are glad to see this particular trend go. You can forget about the boring white, and jump at something with much more character, like mosaic or honeycomb tiles. If you prefer the ultra-modern, sleek, industrial look, concrete might be worth looking into.

Open floor plans

Yup, open floor plans are still very much in. In this layout, the island becomes the focal point. If this is not your speed, then at least make your kitchen more interesting with an intricately designed door.

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Move over granite

Granite counter tops have been the gold standard for ages. It seems that designers have finally had enough of this trend, and are offering some excellent alternatives. Marble is poised to make a big comeback, and not just for counter tops, but also for sinks. Another favorite is quartz. It is gaining popularity because of its durability, beauty, and wide array of colors and edging options.

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A kitchen should be beautiful, but it is just as important that it be practical. When deciding on the way you want to decorate your kitchen, it’s best to think about the specifics of your space, and your own preferences. Trends can provide handy guidelines, but you should always try to tailor them to fit your particular needs

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