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A Pseudo Tandem Reading Guide for From Blood and Ash & A Soul of Ash and Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout


While From Blood and Ash and A Soul of Ash and Blood are essentially the same story but told from different POV, I would not recommend reading them in tandem since you will get major spoilers for the rest of the series if you read A Soul of Ash and Blood at the same time. As A Soul of Ash and Blood is told by Casteel as he recounts what happened when he first met Poppy from his perspective as he waits for her to wake up, since Nektas told him to talk to Poppy so she might remember herself. If you skipped all the present chapters, you could read them together in tandem; however, there are massive spoilers for From Blood and Ash, since Poppy had been aware of the truth regarding Casteel. So, I would more recommend this if you’ve already read the series and want to re-experience the first book from both sides as you read A Soul of Ash and Blood.

So, here is my break down of how you would read these two books (From Blood and Ash (FBAA) and A Soul of Ash and Blood (ASOAB)) together:

  • ASOAB ‘On The Rise’ to ‘Who I Was’
  • FBAA Chapter 1-3
  • ASOAB ‘The Only Way I Knew How’ to ‘Haunted’
  • FBAA Chapter 4
  • ASOAB ‘Empty Garden’
  • FBAA Chapter 5-7
  • ASOAB ‘It Is Done’ to ‘He Earned It’
  • FBAA Chapter 8
  • ASOAB ‘A Good Man’ to ‘Meeting with the Duke’
  • FBAA Chapter 9
  • ASOAB ‘Natural Order of Things’
  • FBAA Chapter 10-11
  • ASOAB ‘The Maiden Unveiled’ to ‘Poppy’
  • FBAA Chapter 12-13
  • ASOAB ‘Arrogant and Cocky’ to ‘A Twisted Irony of Sorts’
  • FBAA Chapter 14-17
  • ASOAB ‘The Monster in Me’ to ‘That Dress Will Be the Death of Me’
  • FBAA Chapter 18-19
  • ASOAB ‘Good Graces’ to ‘There is a Choice’
  • FBAA Chapter 20
  • ASOAB ‘A Touch of Peace’ to ‘Who I Was Becoming’
  • FBAA Chapter 21-22
  • ASOAB ‘Hot, Heavy Wanting’ to ‘Just a Name’
  • FBAA Chapter 23-25
  • ASOAB ‘The Duke’ to ‘The Willow’
  • FBAA Chapter 26
  • ASOAB ‘Not What I Planned’ to ‘Her Pain’
  • FBAA Chapter 27
  • ASOAB ‘Her Vengeance’ to ‘This is Progress’
  • FBAA Chapter 28
  • ASOAB ‘A Significant Moment’
  • FBAA Chapter 29
  • ASOAB ‘Enchanted’
  • FBAA Chapter 30
  • ASOAB ‘Her Pleasure’
  • FBAA Chapter 31
  • ASOAB ‘How Could I?’ to ‘Blood in the Forest’
  • FBAA Chapter 32
  • ASOAB ‘Three Rivers’ to ‘New Haven’
  • FBAA Chapter 33
  • ASOAB ‘Unworthy and Undeserving’ to ‘Highly Inappropriate’
  • FBAA Chapter 34
  • ASOAB ‘It Was Over’
  • FBAA Chapter 35-36
  • ASOAB ‘A Broken Breath’ to ‘Not Everything was a Lie’
  • FBAA Chapter 37-38
  • ASOAB ‘The Dark One’
  • FBAA Chapter 39
  • ASOAB ‘In the Snow’
  • FBAA Chapter 40
  • ASOAB ‘I Was Right’
  • FBAA Chapter 41
  • ASOAB ‘Plans Have Changed’ to ‘My Princess’

As I mentioned, you will skip the Present chapters since those take place in the future. Or you could read them after you’ve read the mentioned A Soul of Ash and Blood section as sometimes they give additional thoughts from the characters regarding those moments. A Soul of Ash and Blood uses chapter titles rather than numbers, so I used those instead of trying to figure out what chapter number it was. Also, I put Poppy’s chapters first whenever applicable where the stories overlap. Though you literally could have the books open side by side flipping from one perspective to the other. And if the scene continued between one chapter and the next, I combined those rather than separating them to it lined up better with Casteel’s chapters.

There are also scenes between Casteel and Poppy in A Soul of Ash and Blood that weren’t in From Blood and Ash, so we do get some new scenes between them during that time.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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