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Achieving Mermaid Red Hair with oVertone & Arctic Fox


Now I love Little Mermaid, I used to watch the sequel almost weekly if not daily growing up along with the Lion King. And I’ve wanted red hair for years, but just never went for it. So when I was going my Instagram Made Me Buy It post/quest, I ended up ordering oVertone Extreme red and fell deeply in love with it. It was like all my childhood dreams had come true. I also felt way more like myself than I ever did with dirty blond hair. After trying oVertone for a full week, I decided I wanted to also try Arctic Fox hairdye in Poison. Plus dye my extensions that I got for free from Irresistible Me. I also cut them so they were a tad bit shorter as they were just too long for my taste after trying them all of last summer.

And though my hair after bleaching it to a warm blond for several months created one shade of blond, I did not think that dying my hair extensions that were still my ashy blond color would end up matching. But somehow they did. I used half a bottle of Poison from Arctic Fox for both my real hair and the other half for my extensions. I left it on both for an hour then rinsed it out and followed up by putting the oVertone Extreme red on for ten minutes. And that’s how I got my amazing Ariel hair. As I have now began to refer to it as.

Oh and did I mention these are both cruelty free and vegan!!!

About oVertone & How I Use It

This is what I started out with that began my extreme love for red hair. You can either just get the daily conditioner or the deep weekly treatment. I use a combination of both. The daily conditioner you use every time you take a shower in place of your normal conditioner. This will just help keep the color bold and hair full of moisture. Now the extreme red does stain my hands and bathroom ever so slightly. Just putting a little bit of shampoo on my hands and tiles helps take it straight off.  And then once a week or every other week I use the deep weekly treatment from oVertone to completely refresh the color. I leave it on for 30 minutes but they do suggest 10 minutes. But extra time doesn’t ruin your hair and I want to make sure I get the full effect.

About Arctic Fox & How I Use It

When I was researching cruelty free hair dyes to do a more permanent base for my hair, I came across Arctic Fox. And one thing I really love about this company is that they donate 15% of their profit to help prevent animal abuse. They also list out which organizations they send the profit to, which are the following:

Second Chance Animal Shelter works tirelessly to find homes for animals, and they run numerous clinics to treat sick and injured animals as well as provide spay and neuter services.

International Fund for Animal Welfare focuses internationally on animal rescue; saving seals, elephants, tigers and defending whales.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation focuses solely on rescuing abused dogs and dogs from the meat trade throughout Asia.

If I were to ever make a beauty company of my own, that is exactly what I wanted to do as well with these same foundations to be quite honest. So this is the main reason I went with them over any of the other cruelty free hair dyes that I found. Plus poison is the exact color that I wanted. I put the hair dye on both my real hair and hair extensions for 60 minutes. There is also conditioner built into the hair dye and it is semi-permanent.


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