Amazon Home Décor Wishlist

One thing I am absolutely sick of is not have a grown up room. My bedroom is a weird mixture of college and adult. And one thing I'm going to do in the upcoming months is changing that. Necklaces are going to come off of thumb tracks in the wall, paintings are going to be rearranged to be better organized. Some are going to be taken down and put away into storage. I'm also going to get more cube organizers to store books and house various decorations. Once it's complete, this will also be the future background for my videos.

So these are some of the items I found while on Amazon:

White wooden clock/thermometer/calendar

I probably have more clocks than I know what to do with. But they're all in my room, and if I'm going to update everything the ones I currently have are getting spread throughout the house and this is the one I want in my bedroom. As it's very minimalistic in appearance and I get the temperature right on it. This clock does come in brown, black, and white but I'm thinking the white one would be perfect to go with the other items I found. And to contrast from the black furniture.

Prisma Brass Mirror

I actually don't have a single mirror in my bedroom and I think it's time for that to change. And I love this prisma looking mirror with the brass accents to go with all the other pieces that I found on Amazon.

White/Brass Jewelry Stand & Pyramid Jewelry Stand

Now I have two jewelry stands on this lists, because I envision one for necklaces and the other for bracelets and rings.

Marble Coaster

Now I already have black stone coasters but I think have a mixture of the stone and marble would be gorgeous. Plus we need more than just four coasters as some need to be in the living room while others are in the dining room.

Concrete Succulent Planter with Gold Accent & Concrete Succulent Planter with Gold Bottom

One thing I am really obsessed with later are natural looking items like stones and plants. So when I saw these concrete succulent planters with a gold accent I was super excited! I am for sure going to be ordering these in the nearby future as well as getting myself some succulents to go in them.

Deer Head 3D Puzzle

I really love the look of fake deer heads. I don't know why but I do. I could never go hunting, but a fun little 3D Puzzle is perfect. And I really love this even though it's just a beige color. I think it would go wonderfully with everything in the bedroom.

Hanging Containers

This is another one of the finds that I'm obsessed with. It's a triangular container with brass accents. That would go with everything else that I found in my Amazon digging. I'll probably also put succulents into this or cacti as those are the only plants I cannot kill.