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And Straight On Till Morning – Paint Nite



Last night, I got three free tickets to Paint Nite from my boss as she was unable to go herself. So I invited my sister, Lucy, and my best friend from high school that I used to have painting class with, Mimmy. The painting that we got to create our own version of was called “And Straight On Till Morning.” Which is a boat on water at what I’m guessing is sunset. And taught by the amazing Kelly Costello.

I absolutely love paint nite events, the instructors I’ve had are always amazing and I love the different patterns you get to choose from. Based on that choice determines location and date. But they have many different ones to pick from. And I’m for sure doing more in the future as these are my favorite activity to do.

My sister, Lucy has never really painted before in her life. I was actually quite surprised she really wanted to join me when I pitched the idea last minute. And granted we were late, because I lost my ID (still trying to find it), but she got the swing of painting and had a blast doing it. I had to keep telling her that she can’t compare her work to ours especially as we’ve been painting for six years while she is just picking up a paint brush for the first time. So once she set that aside, she relaxed and enjoyed painting a lot more.

Mimmy, has been my best friend since 2009 and in 2010 we were in a painting class together in high school. Where we were the goofballs that didn’t take it too seriously but always did our best to complete the assignment. So it was a lot of fun painting again with her. And at the beginning the two of us were rushing to catch up with everyone else.

I think these turned out really well and I can’t wait to go again.

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