Animal Crossing New Horizons: Opening Up All the Buildings

I seriously can’t put down Animal Crossing New Horizons, so I thought I would do another post on it going over how to get all of the main buildings on your not-so deserted island. Those being the two shops (Nook’s Cranny Shop and Able Sisters Tailor Shop), Blather’s Museum, the campsite, and the updated Resident Services building.

Blathers’ Museum

Blathers’ museum is unlocked through donations. To begin with you need to get Blathers to come to the island by donating 5 new fish or insects to Tom Nook, then pick out a space for Blathers’ tent (this will also be the location of the museum). Once Blathers comes to the island the following day, you need to collect 15 more items (fish, bugs or fossils). At this point, he will not accept any further donations as he has to submit for the building permit to open up the museum. Blathers will be closed the following day for construction, and the day after you’ll have a nice new museum that’s open to accept more donations.

Nook’s Cranny Shop

This building on the island requires the most work. In order to open it you first have to get the following resources: 30 wood, 30 softwood, 30 hardwood, and 30 iron nuggets. I found the iron nuggets to be a pain to collect, and many trips using Nook Miles to find enough rocks to break open. But once you get it, and select the location for the store it opens the very next day.

Nook’s Cranny isn’t available 24/7, but they have a drop box that can be used for 80% of the price if you don’t want to wait for the store to open. Anything sold through there will be given through your savings account the next day. For small items, this is a nice option to toss off but I would hold onto the bigger ticket items for store hours.

Resident Services Building

This one you don’t need to do much since it will happen on it’s own once you just need to have invited three additional villagers to move to your island, set up homes for each, and build a bridge somewhere on your island. The Resident Services tent will be closed the following day for construction then open up the next day with the additional of Isabelle.

During construction, Nook Stop machine will be unavailable but this won’t reset your streak if you have one. You’ll receive a bonus of 500 Nook Miles once the building opens, and your streak for checking the machine will continue, though it caps out at seven or more days and 300 Nook Miles per day. There will be even more items to purchase using Nook Miles, too, with the first one you want to pick up being an inventory upgrade for 8,000 Miles.


This location allows you to get new residents, though new ones do not spawn every day unless you use Amiibo. In order to get the campsite, you need to have an upgraded Resident Services building (soonest you can get this is the eighth day of playing). Nook in an attempt to make the island more attractive and get KK to perform on the island, asks your character to pick out a site for the campsite. You don’t have to contribute any bells or crafting materials. Like with most other buildings, after you’ve placed the campsite plans down on your island, construction will begin and will take the entire day to complete. The campsite will be done the next day, but there’s no guarantee you will get a visitor right away.

Able Sisters Tailor Shop

To get the Able Sisters, Nook’s Cranny must be opened first on the island and resident services must have been upgraded. Mabel will discuss the topic with Tommy and Timmy, then start appearing days later at on the plaza selling clothes. Keep visiting Mabel and buying clothes from her daily then the duo will decide to set up a shop. There’s nothing you have to do resource wise for the building since it will use leftover materials from Nook’s Cranny, but you will get to pick where on the island the shop will go.

Able Sisters’ Tailor Shop is one of the last major buildings for your island and like Nook’s Cranny has limited time of when it’s open during the day. In this shop you’ll be able to get new clothes as well as upload your designs online for other players, and download their outfits as well. You can QR code custom designs too from other players but these require the Nook Link on your cell phone.

The only other thing for your island as far as buildings is you can have up to ten villagers. If you do not find a villager on remote islands or the campsite, a villager will be randomly selected… I’m not happy about one of the ones I got from this but I will eventually move him out. And then it’s bridges and inclines, which you don’t have to have the bells for right away. You donate bells at the site over time. Other residents will assist but it will not be anything substantial. You can also move residents and buildings if you don’t like where you originally placed them. All of this can be found under the “Let’s talk infrastructure” option when talking to Tom Nook.

If you’re playing New Horizons, how is your island looking so far? Mine is alright, I’m currently working on rearranging my residents in preparation for when I get roads. Rather than just having them all over the place as when I first started. Besides rearranging which is eating my bells, I’m trying to get the island up in stars so KK will arrive. Also, who are your villagers? I have Antonio, Deirdre, Jeremiah, Skye, Bubbles, Lionel (not sure how I feel about him), and Gruff (want to replace him) at the moment with an open house that I need to find someone for. I really want Cherry or Fauna to be on my island at some point in addition to my first four.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. April 13, 2020 / 11:23 AM

    Ayyy got all my buildings now I’m just planting flowers every where so I can get kk slider 😂😂

    • Mae Polzine
      April 13, 2020 / 12:43 PM

      Nice! I love putting flowers around the island, it makes it so cute!
      ♥ Mae

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