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Anti-Haul: Makeup I Won’t Be Purchasing #1


I am a makeup addict and there is a lot of makeup being released every day. Some are over the top amazing and some fall flat. But you never know, where they fall on that spectrum until you purchase and try it for yourself. And then there are just items that you don’t have any interest in purchasing. So instead of a haul of things I got, or a wish list of things I really want. Let’s do one of things that I have no interest in ever purchasing.

None of these is to be negative towards the brands in any way, they are just products they released that I’m just not into. Or want in my collection. If any of these items work for you or you want, that is totally fine. These are just things I personally can never see myself getting. Some of these brands I haven’t tried before while others are some of my all time favorites.

And since I have not purchased and will not purchase these items, credit to the images is below each one since they are not my own.

Enough of the introduction, let’s get into the Anti-Haul!

Glossier House of Beauty Allure Allure

Glossier Cloud Paint

I have been seeing this product every where from YouTube to Instagram, and being quite honest I have no interest in trying it out. And that’s mainly because I’m not a cream blush kind of person. I would rather stick to my powders for blush. I just find them easier to work with. And to be honest I don’t get why everyone is so over the moon about the packaging. I get they look minimalist and have the shade on the top of the tube near where the cap is… but it’s boring in my opinion. Looks like they just had sample tubes for them then just decided to sell it in those. They look nice if you get how to apply them, but ultimately they are just not for me.

ColourPop Blotted Lips

I love ColourPop liquid lipsticks. I almost always am wearing a Ultra Satin Lip from ColourPop. But when they released the blotted lip, I had no interest in wearing it. It’s marketed as a weightless, diffused, natural lipstick but honestly it looks like lipsticks that weren’t pigmented enough for a lippie stick so they just released them under a different name. And these are every where. Every time one of my favorite bloggers releases a ColourPop Haul I always see these pop up. I just don’t get the hype behind them.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Prismatic Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

It’s no secret I am not a fan of Too Faced. Plus the fact that I’m allergic to their eye shadows. And do not purchase anything from them in general since their whole issue several months ago with the Unicorn controversy with Tarte have a unicorn inspired collection. I saw several YouTubers try this palette and it honestly didn’t look at pigmented unless you have pale skin. And yes I am very pale, but that doesn’t change the fact this palette doesn’t work for darker skin tones from what I’ve seen. So I don’t think this palette is honestly worth it from what I’ve seen.

Kim Kardashian West (KKW) Beauty Cream Contour and Highlight Sticks

I’m not a Kardashian fan. I don’t follow literally everything they do. I just don’t get the hype of them but it’s still cool that there are new brands popping up and might have some really cool products in the future. Kim first announced her brand through Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics brand by doing a collaboration with her on some liquid lipsticks. But that’s not the product we’re talking about that I have no interest in. The one I’m talking about is none other than the contour and highlight sticks. I don’t really contour anymore, I only bronze these days because I think it just looks more natural. And from what I’ve seen of the collection, though it is more of a natural look when blended out, there isn’t a lot of product and the packaging look cheap. So I can’t in my mind justify the price, and therefore even if I could manage to get my hands on them I wouldn’t. But maybe someday she’ll release something that I’ll actually want to try.

What makeup products do you have no interest in trying?


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