April 2017 Goals

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I can’t believe it’s already April, this year is just flying by. And I’m so excited it’s finally going to be Spring and I can put away my winter coat. This winter has been going on forever. And this month I’m going to take the goals back a bit. I set some unrealistic goals last month in a few areas, so I’m scaling those back this month. And adding on ones I’ve never really shared before. That being Social Media goals. Now numbers aren’t everything but that doesn’t mean I don’t want those to grow so I’m going to start sharing those in the monthly goals rather than only updating the advertiser page but never mentioning it anywhere.

March Goals Revisited

  • Take on a more minimalist lifestyle. I did manage to downsize my closet by half and have been working on going the rest of my items to see what needs to go. So I say I’m on the road for that.
  • Finish getting rid of all old items that hold no purpose. See above.
  • Get checkups at the doctor and dentist. I didn’t book the appointments far enough in advance so those are scheduled but in the future.
  • Only go out for meals once a week at most. I do really well one week, but completely fail the next. So still working on this but nowhere near my goal yet.
  • Read or journal at least three to four times a time. I have been reading more often and I love it. I don’t know why I stopped reading often but I’m glad I’m starting to do this again.
  • Start working out, time to get my butt in gear. No excuses! Gen 2 of Pokémon was just released on Pokémon Go, so let that be motivation to at least go on walks more often. I have been going on more walks and playing Pokemon Go, but not together. Don’t have the greatest data plan to do that.
  • Post at least weekly on Mae Cooks, continue current schedule for Rose & Mae as well as on here. I have gotten rid of Mae Cooks, I wasn’t using it like I thought I would. But I have been doing really well with the schedule for the two blogs I actually work on.
  • Post videos on my main channel at least two times a week. Actually, upload the vlogs I’ve been making. The main channel has been once a week to two times a week depending on the week, and I have started uploading vlogs!
  • Go see Beauty and the Beast. Saw it and loved it!
  • Wake up an hour before leaving for work, instead of fifteen minutes before. I have not been doing an hour before work but I have been giving myself thirty minutes now. So that’s an improvement.
  • Get my hair cut! Done!

April Goals

  • Reach 200 followers on Instagram, 300 followers on Twitter, and 250 on YouTube.
  • Upload one vlog at least every other week.
  • Actually, have money saved up in Savings Account that isn’t removed a day or week later.
  • Bring lunches to work at least three times a week.
  • Get a new pair of shoes, it’s time to say goodbye to your Converse there are holes in them.
  • Go through all paperwork and random piles, get rid of what’s not needed and organize the rest.
  • Make stock photos for self and on blog shop page.
  • Paint something new. Then, rearrange current paintings around the house.
  • Finish vision board in my bedroom.
  • Read two books.

What are your goals for the month of April?

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