Azeredo Cosmetics False Lashes in Irresistible Review

I’ve never done a false lash review before. There are just some products that I get and never discuss on my blog. A lot of skin care, false lashes, primers, and settings sprays because honestly I just don’t know how to describe them. But I want to step outside my comfort zone a little because I found some new false lashes that I actually really like.


I learned about these directly from Azeredo Cosmetics when they reached out to me to try them out. And these just stuck out to me, not only because they were affordable but they also give back with every order. 5% of each order on these handmade synthetic fiber eyelashes goes towards cancer research. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know one of the biggest things I want to see more of in the industry is brands giving back even if it’s just a small percentage to charities or organizations. One of my close family friends recently was diagnosed with breast cancer, so this just really hit home for me. As several other members of my family have also had various other cancers, we even lost one to throat cancer just a few years ago. So any brand giving back to cancer research is amazing. ‘Cause it sucks to lose someone to cancer, so anything that can help figure out how to get rid of it is incredible.


I decided to start with the Irresistible lashes (these pair cost $9.99 but they do have some pairs that cost $7.99 or the whole set of 5 lashes for $45.95). The Irresistible lashes give a natural dramatic effect. With lots of volume and drama with the volume effect not being too long or short in length on either side of the band. Plus it has an invisible band, which for beginners (I consider myself still one at this point) is perfect since it makes it easier to blend into your eyeshadow or eyeliner. After applying the lashes, I didn’t really notice them too much on my lids and for someone who rarely wears false lashes (something I have been planning on changing for years since I really think they just complete a look or bring it to the next level) it was very comfortable. I also found them super easy to apply, I did have to trim them ever so slightly but I typically have to do that when it comes to lashes.

Here is a look that I did with them last night before I headed out to a baseball game (the team lost but a little boy in front of me won our entire section free tickets to Valleyfair so I would say it was a good night overall):

Overall, I really do love these lashes and can see myself wearing them a ton! Which is honestly the first time I’ve felt like that towards a pair of false lashes. I do want to get the other styles in the future but for right now I’m totally happy I got the Irresistible set. If you guys would like 10% off an order of any of Azeredo Cosmetics Lashes I do have a discount code for you, it is MAE10. Just as a note, I do make a small commission off of it. But overall, it’s a win-win for both of us. You get some money off and I get a little something in return. Plus it helps support me. And I would really appreciate any support from you guys as it helps me keep this blog running.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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