Batgirl and Wonder Woman Dog Costume

My roommate Harley and I love comic books and Halloween. So when we saw Wonder Woman and Batgirl dog costumes we just had to get them. So I think I’m going to be doing a few of these dog costume posts throughout the month of October as I just love seeing dogs in costumes. Now before you go off in the comments saying that I’m torturing my dog by putting her in a costume. I love Pixie and would never want to put her into a situation she is not comfortable with. If she is expressing any sign of stress, I stop that activity right away. As some days she’s totally fine with an activity while another day she is not.

Pixie as Wonder Woman

Kiki as Batgirl

What is your favorite comic book? I loved the DC comics growing up as well as Marvel. But since this post is around DC comics, I seriously loved the female villains in this universe especially Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Which my roommate Harley and I might end up doing., we shall see. As we were also debating on doing different eras of Harley Quinn. Either way that will be super cute with the dogs dressed up as Wonder Woman and Batgirl.


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