Battle of the Pink Liquid Lipsticks

Today in the continuation of the battle of the liquid lipsticks, I'm going through the pink lipsticks. This tin I knew I had several pink and wasn't concerned with having an almost empty tin. But I did think nude was going to basically be an empty tin, so I went and got a bunch. Then I got home and realized I actually had a lot of nude liquid lipsticks. So that little spree had to be split between the pink tin and the nude tin. So off camera, I swatched every single pink and nude lipstick to determine which lipstick belonged where. If they had more of a skin tone color then it went into nude unless it was brown then it went into the unusual tin as that isn't a nude color for me. And if it had a pink undertone then it went into the pink tin. And even then I went over the pinks like four more times including once in the actual video debating on what lipsticks I wanted to have in this tin.

Let me know if you would like me to do something similar with any of my other drawers as they could all use a little more organization besides just being in a labelled drawer. Plus it will give me a chance to go through and get rid of anything that's out of date or that I never use.