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Beauty Bakerie Foundation, Concealer, and Setting Powder All-Day Wear Test & Review


One day that has aesthetic goals is the indie brand named Beauty Bakerie. All of their products are inspired by baking, and this is a black owned brand. This is the first time I’m trying any of their products and I wanted to especially try out their face products. One to see how light their lightest face products are and I’ve heard great things about their baking flour (setting powder). So I received the following products: Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation #59, Cake Face Concealer in Don’t Give a Frappe, and Flour Setting Powder in Translucent.

A general theme you will see in my review sections of each product since I did those first before going into the wear test is that the foundation and concealer are too dark for me. I would classify both of these being in the light category and they do not currently have anything for the fair or porcelain range… where I reside skin tone wise. I do hope they expand the lines in the future to include the lightest of light shades. They have thirty foundations currently and only eight concealers ranging from deep dark to light. A wonderful selection just missing out on the fair, which is something missed in a lot of releasing by brands. You always see the light to medium tones covered, but the fair and dark to deep dark are often missed. So I’m glad they focused on the dark to deep dark, it would just be nice to have something that worked for those lacking any and all color in their skin.

Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation Review

Now as this is a black owned brand where the owner wanted to create something that would work for her daughter, which I think is amazing. Everyone should feel included when they are buying and wearing makeup. I also love that they started with the darkest shade in their foundation collection starting with the number 1 and the lightest being 59. Which you guessed it, is the exact shade that I ended up going with. Now this is how they compare this foundation with other foundations:

So a cool toned light color, not a fair like the website claims. It might be fair compared to the other foundations, but it is more on the border line between light and fair. Leaning more on the light side. Now I have in Sephora before tried out Pearl from the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and it was too dark for me unless I’ve been tanning all summer long. And my shade in Fenty ProFilt’r is 110… so going into this I knew it would be too dark for me. This summer I have also gotten into self tanner so my hope was they would match while I have a bit of a tan. And it’s still a bit too dark so I had to lighten up the foundation a little bit with some of my other foundations in order to get it to work. But that wouldn’t be right for the wear test since I just want to test this formula so for the wear test I did not mix this foundation in with other shades. And just tried to make it work so it didn’t look like I was wearing a mask or anything.

Each foundation costs 30 mL or 1 oz and costs $28.

Now that we’ve gone over my thoughts on the color of the lightest foundation. Let’s go over the formula a little bit. As this is a matte foundation with a medium-to-full coverage, it is best for those with oily skin. Which this summer I’ve been having dealing with. But normally I have dry skin so before applying I still used a bit of face oil to prep the skin for the foundation. The foundation is also lightweight and creamy, but isn’t supposed to clog your pores. I haven’t worn it enough to say this is true or not yet. The Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation is infused with Vitamin E to help protect your skin. I do agree with the claims that this foundation is smudge-proof which is really nice if you want to lean against things like pillows or furry friends without worrying about messing up your foundation.

This foundation does dry down fast when you are applying it so I would apply one side first before moving onto the next to avoid any issues with blending out the foundation. While it is buildable and blendable, it does dry fast so I wouldn’t take your time with the application process. Again this is where face oil or beauty oils can provide a lot of help.

Cake Face Concealer Review

Similar to their foundations, they are listed from darkest to lightest. Now I got thrown between two different shades of theirs: Don’t Give a Frappe and Mug Life. I ended up going with Don’t Give a Frappe as based off the comparisons this was the cool tone concealer whereas Mug Life looked like the warm tone concealer. However, after watching several reviews Mug Life is lighter but way more yellow. So I might give it a try in the future but knowing that summer is almost over and I’m not sure about continuing with self-tanner, I don’t think I would get much use out of it. Though in the description they describe it has warm tone and just like the foundation, I could tell before ordering that this would be too dark for me based of the comparisons:

I use the Fair Neutral or Fair Tarte Shape Tape. So I knew Don’t Give a Frappe would be too dark but still wanted to see if while I have self-tanner on if it would work… it doesn’t I have to mix it with lighter concealers that I own to make it work. The shade works well for my sister with her tan summer skin or it works for my mom with her winter tone. I am most likely going to end up giving the concealer to one of them after this wear test.

Each concealer is $24 and contains 4 mL of product.

Like the foundation, this concealer dries fast and gets darker as you blend it out. But once blended the color doesn’t change much after that. The concealer is definitely full coverage and concealed away all of my dark circles, blemishes, and hyper-pigmentation. This is also supposed to be crease-free which we’ll find out during the wear test since this review portion is from before the wear-test.

Flour Setting Powder Review

I have not found any setting powder that I was super in love with before. I have used them but never found one that I noticed any true difference with them. So let’s just say I don’t have high hopes but still I’m going to give it a go. I decided to get the the translucent powder which is supposed to help keep your foundation in place and give you a luminescent glow while keeping the oils of your skin at bay. This setting powder contains 14 g of product for $24. Though apparently the setting powders vary in density.

Wear Test

Though you can’t tell in the photo, my face after about three hours was really, really orange compared to the rest of my body.  Which was driving me crazy, I seriously wanted to take off the foundation and concealer then apply something else, but I swore I would do a wear test regardless so I held myself back from doing so. But least just say, I’m not happy in general with it and will not be keeping the foundation or concealer after this. Don’t get me wrong, my skin looked nice with the foundation on but it’s so not my color. I have no idea how they would remotely classify this foundation as being fair. It’s not fair. It’s light and more so it’s orange. And that could more just be a warm tone foundation being on my very cool tone skin. But this was supposed to be a cool tone so there’s that.

I did film my entire wear test so if you would like to see how it progressed over the course of the day, you can watch it below.

Around the five hour mark, I started noticing the foundation on the side of my face where I didn’t powder to start creasing in my smile lines. And in general just looked more and more orange. I am not sure if it was just I was getting more annoyed by the color being so off or it oxidized more on my skin. But other than that the foundation was rock solid. It did start to look cake-y on my face around an hour or two after that. So you could tell I was wearing something on my skin. Which is not the look I typically go for while wearing a foundation. But you could only tell if looking up close and personal. From a distance you would not notice it right away. This is either from the foundation not sitting well with my skin type which I think has finally gone back to being normal to dry rather than oily. So it just wasn’t working out for me anymore.

After about the eight hour mark, I had it with the foundation and couldn’t stand to have the color on my face anymore. It was so noticeable that it was orange compared to the rest of my skin that I just needed to get it off. Formula wise I do like it with the setting powder on top, but color wise the concealer and foundation are massively too dark for me. I know I’m as white as a ghost, but I can find other foundations and concealers light enough for me like Fenty Beauty ProFilt’r 110, ColourPop No Filter Fair 10, and Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 foundation in 00A Porcelain. But if you have oily skin and a darker complexion, the Cake Mix is a wonderful solution if you can’t find your shade elsewhere. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work for me, which is whatever. There are a lot of brands that don’t make foundations light enough for me. The one thing that came out of this whole wear test is I found a setting powder that I actually notice a difference with and will be adding into my routine going forward… just with other foundations and concealers. If Beauty Bakerie comes out with lighter shades in the future, I will give them a shot to see if they work for me as I overall do like the formula. However, I would get the face oil if you don’t have oily skin so it actually sits right on your face.

Also just as a side note, this foundation does come off easily with water or tears. I watched a really sad episode of The Originals and cried a little… then there was a streak down my face from where the tears washed away the foundation. I don’t normally see that with other foundations, but it is something to note.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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