Beauty Bakerie Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette Review

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When Beauty Bakerie came to Ulta I was thrilled, mainly as I wanted to try more of their products. As I did love the formula of their foundation, but they just didn’t have a shade that was correct for me. They are all too dark or too warm tone for my skin, the lightest shade is straight up orange on me. When I originally was shopping on Beauty Bakerie’s site I did not see this Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette, but I did see it at Ulta so I picked it up in my last haul. And I was nervous at first since I’m extremely pale so two of the shades initially seemed like they would be too dark for me. But we’ll get into my opinion on each of the shades in a bit.

They are described to be…

So creamy you don’t need butter… You’ll be all the sugar after you milk that glow with our silky smooth Milk & Honey highlighters! Grab your bakeware and strobe, mix, or layer in abundance.

Each pan contains 0.17 oz of product and there are four shades in total: Oh Honey, Queen Bee’ing, Spoiler Alert, and Bee Sweet. And the palette costs $38 or $9.50 per pan. Normally, I never want to hold onto outer packaging for a palette but this one I just can’t let go of and will probably keep it around even long after this review has gone live. It’s a cute honeycomb pattern with a window to the package. Where you can see honey dripping from the top and the little honey dowel. And lastly the name of the palette along with Beauty Bakerie’s logo. It’s just so stinkin’ cute! The outer package isn’t needed but I think it just adds an extra layer of adorableness.

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I’ve been wearing these highlighters in every single one of my latest looks which you can see on Instagram. I haven’t noticed any of these shades being too dark for my skin tone, as long as I mix it in with Spoiler Alert or Oh Honey.

Below are the finger swatches on the right and brush swatches on the left. For the brush on each of these swatches I used Morphe M532 brush. As you can sort of see from the swatches they can be blinding if really built up, otherwise they are more washes of highlights for more subtle looks. In order from left to right we have Bee Sweet, Spoiler Alert, Queen Bee’ing, and Oh Honey.

Beauty Bakerie Milk and Honey Palette Swatches

I do really like these highlighters though I don’t think they are the most blinding thing in the world. But the average consumer doesn’t want that beauty guru shine, so these are perfect for that. And honestly I don’t like the extreme glow on most of my makeup days especially to work. So this is something I would reach for over say Ofra Highlighters (which I love on those extreme glow days). What type of highlight do you like, blinding or subtle?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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