Best Makeup Look From NYFW

Recently finished New York Fashion Week presented not only the latest trends in clothing, but also the upcoming fall/winter season fashion. Famous designers reintroduced the retro style by reinterpreting 60’s and 80’s fashion, by creating new unique expressions but, on the other hand, fostering the natural look.

Not all runaway fashion can be easily fitted in everyday style, but you can always pick up some tricks to improve your look, depending on how brave you are. So, let’s check what’s new in makeup trends and prepare you for the next season.

Retro vibe

Retro fashion still seems to be very trendy. Makeup trends were also inspired by various eras: we saw futuristic silver makeup, chrome nails and blue matte lips, paired with pastel eyeshadows and highlighted cheeks inspired by the ‘60s, dominating on NYFW runways. The opposite makeup trend comes like a revival of the ‘80s: lots of intense pink everywhere - on eyes, lips and cheeks. Drawings, like butterflies, flowers and tribals from the ‘90s haven’t been forgotten either.

For a statement look, you can create a retro style with a modern twist. For a more classic look, apply eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelash line. However, if you want to try out something new like, for example, a stain-like makeup - mix eyeshadows in wine shades by applying them on your lid and then blending them gently. To add deeper dimension to your eyes, highlight the eye corners and the brow bones. Apply two coats of mascara for definition and a stain lipstick in matching color. For a final glow, apply a little bit of lip-gloss.

Natural vibe

Opposite from bold colored makeup stands a natural, “no makeup look”. It implies soft, pastel and bright colors for creating a gentle look, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be like this:  you can keep the face natural and accentuate the lips with some dark shaded matte lipstick. You can get the similar effect by swiping an eyeshadow on your lips.

For creating “no makeup look”, you have to find some quality makeup online that will complement your skin. Use a neutral palette of colors and highlight the prominent areas of your face. Set the base by applying concealer and powder, highlight the right areas and then play with eyeshadow and lipstick colors. For ultimate natural vibe, you can also use a neutral lip gloss, or just a lip balm.

Bold vibe

Writing and drawing all over model’s face seems to be one of the hottest makeup trends. This artistic tendency isn’t reserved only for following the retro style, but it also comes in striking geometrical and abstract forms. The most unusual trend of painting models was inspired by one of the most popular social media apps.

As it’s hard to imagine sticking to this trend when going to a regular night-out. However, you can try some other bold NYFW trend out, like smudged bold lipstick - it’s very easy to follow, plus, you won’t have to worry about checking your makeup every few minutes; when it becomes messy - that’s when the new style begins. Simple, but effective is another tricky look - bright blue eyeshadow combined with a casual, effortless outfit, or double shaded eyeshadow in some pastel colors.

Tip: If you’re wondering how to make the perfect “Messy bold lipstick look”, just apply a lipstick in some strong color, and then lightly smudge it over your lip line.

Get closer with newest makeup trends presented on this year's New York Fashion Week and enhance your style. Upgrade your skills and try out some of these styles which will mark the season of 2017.

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