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BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation – Naturally Flawless in 201 Ivory & 204 Natural Beige Review


I recently cleared out all of my old and expired products then realized I didn’t have any foundations other than two formulas. And one of them isn’t cheap so while I’m on a budget, I don’t want to use that up. So I would rather find several that work perfectly that aren’t overly expensive. So one of the foundations that I decided to test was the BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation – Naturally Flawless. As it’s impossible to tell online what a shade is going to be I ended up getting 201 Ivory and 204 Natural Beige.

This foundation is supposed to give a radiant complexion and was formulated with hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and younger looking. It’s also supposed to be lightweight, medium to full coverage, and a natural satin finish. Also BH Cosmetics are vegan, cruelty free, and dermatologist tested.

I recently just starting using BH Cosmetics products as they just started being carried in Ulta and no where else nearby me carries their products. So I’m going to be trying out quite a few of their products, prior to this I’ve only tried their Zodiac palette which I’m obsessed with at the moment (I wear it literally everyday to a point where I haven’t posted photos on Instagram as I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing Zodiac palette looks). And there are several palettes that look so interesting so I am most likely going to get them to test out.

Anyways, let’s get into the foundation since that’s what we’re here for…

The foundation bottle is a frosted glass and contains 1 fl oz worth of product. I got it at Ulta for $8, which I would say is a fair amount for a drugstore brand with that amount of product. It is a rather thick formula but sheers out when applied to the skin so it doesn’t feel heavy once applied. You can build up the foundation to be more full coverage, I actually prefer a medium coverage so this was the perfect amount of coverage for me. Just enough to even everything out but not too much where I can’t see my beauty mark on my left cheek.

On the day of these photos, I had been wearing the foundation at the time I took them for around eight hours and the foundation was still going strong. And I applied an equal amount of 201 and 204. I could’ve just worn 201 but wanted it to have a little more warmth to it that day since I was wearing my bright yellow hoodie. I didn’t notice any patches where the foundation was patchy or worn off. Though there was one spot on my right side near my nose that was showing off some dryness. But you have to look insanely close to see that, and considering it was eight hours later I didn’t mind one dry patch on my cheek.

Overall, I  like this foundation but wouldn’t say it’s the best thing in the world. I prefer my Tarte 12-hour Amazonian Clay Foundation which has a similar consistency to this foundation. Plus considering this foundation is supposed to be hydrating and I can see dry patches that I’ve never noticed before is exactly the opposite of  what the formula is supposed to do. Add on the fact that you have to work forever at the pump to get the foundation out initially, but once you get it going there are no issues with getting out the foundation. But you will need multiple pumps to get at the formula. Not something that would stop me from using the foundation, but it is a negative about it that I can’t ignore.

Have you tried this foundation? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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