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As I have been blogging regularly for a little another a year now, I wanted to start sharing some of the things that I’ve learned over that time period. So what better than to start with: types of blog posts that typically generate traffic. Now what may have worked for my blog may not work for yours but it’s definitely a place to start.


These are my most write posts. And they do so well because I try to go really in-depth with them and provide as much detail as possible. And these aren’t just generating traffic when the post first is published, but for a long time afterwards. The best tip to make sure it continues to generate traffic is to make sure your SEO is on point by interesting title, Alt Tags for all photos, and keywords that you would use to find that product review yourself.


Hauls are a great post to do as they make you think about different things you can do or get yourself. I know I’m inspired to go out and get things especially if I see that they are something some of my favorite YouTubers or Bloggers are getting. Plus if it’s a try-on haul, you can see how that item wears. Which for some places I have to shop online and can’t try it on beforehand. So I end up with clothing I can’t wear, and forget to send back until it’s too late.


List posts are a quick and easy format that readers can get all the information. But more than just that, they are easy to write so when you’re out of time it’s a quick post to write. Not to say that you should forgo quality by any means. You should still give it the full love you give any of your other posts.


These are my favorite posts to write as they mean something to me more than some of the others. I also love reading other blogger’s personal posts because it’s brave to talk about something that’s going on in your life. And it’s totally your choice how much you share. I try to keep these restricted to one monthly wrap up post of anything personal I want to talk about, but if something just really stands out I push whatever post I had scheduled and post almost literally my stream of consciousness. If you aren’t comfortable writing about your personal life, don’t feel like you have to just to get views.



Besides personal posts, I love to do tutorial posts. And this is something I haven’t done a whole lot of in the past but is something I’m going to be doing a lot more in the future. Not just with the Goddess Collection that I’ve currently been doing. And you can do tutorials on literally anything from crafts, makeup, styling a outfit, a recipe you came up with, or even just a decorating project. Which if you know any good ones for a bedroom or living room, I would love to hear them as I’m currently in the process of redoing both.


Advice posts are super helpful and they establish authority/trust in your niche. Like this post and ones I’m going to be doing in the future. The key is to be honest with what you’re sharing, no one wants advice that doesn’t even work for the person giving the advice. That will just cause you to lose all credibility and readers.


Similar to list posts, roundup posts are a easy to write and read post that people enjoy. I’ve done these in the form of Favorite Pinterest Pins and Wishlists. They aren’t always the highest traffic generating post but occasionally they are the most popular one and stick at the top spot for a few weeks. They can also just be things you are planning on doing like decorating ideas, recipes you want to try, or DIYs you’re planning on doing.

What types of blog posts get a lot of views for you?

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