Blogger That Inspires Me: A Girl, Obsessed

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For this month, I want to shoutout a blogger who has been a long time inspiration of mine and that’s Mandy who runs A Girl, Obsessed Blog. When I first started this blog back in 2015, I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go in and literally tested everything until I found my groove with lifestyle and beauty. And that’s largely in thanks to Mandy.

About Mandy and A Girl, Obsessed (AGO)

Mandy is an amazing and thoughtful person. She is a blogger from the Midwest United States like myself. She also recently started her own shop on etsy called Reverie Handmade  filled with amazing knitted products that I am going to be placing an order for myself. As it’s going to be winter soon and I love knitted products in the winter. I’ll do a post in the future when I get my order as I’ll be getting those in December. Since I just saved up and purchased my dream camera.

AGO is a blog for modern day girls obsessed with beauty, blogging, and living a beautiful life. Some of the articles that are published daily include: beauty reviews, makeup tutorials, blogging tips, product roundups, outfit ideas, personal photography, and inspirational things.

Favorite Posts

A lot of things I’ve started doing on this blog are inspired by Mandy. Such as the favorite Pinterest Pins, blogging tips, and monthly goals. I didn’t do those before but got really inspired to do those myself after seeing so many amazing posts of these topics from Mandy. These posts are totally worth a read as well as all of her other ones:

  1. Beauty Mistakes to Avoid
  2. 14 Cures for a Bad Day
  3. Things to Keep in Mind About Blogging
  4. 17 Ways to Productively Procrastinate

What blogger inspires you in your career, life, or blog?


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