Blogger That Inspires Me: Jenn Granneman from Introvert, Dear

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This is going to be a new monthly series where I’m going to talk about one blogger that has really inspired me in one way or another. I got this idea when I was at Minnesota Blogger Conference, which is where I met Jenn Granneman from Introvert, Dear. She runs a blog that is dedicated to helping people that are introverted and/or highly sensitive. Some of these posts have really helped me or I’ve identified with.

About Jenn Granneman

She went through life like many of us has. She went through multiple career changes and a divorce, all while thinking she was damaged because she was quiet and awkward. Until she realized that she was just an introvert, which is something I really identify with. After this she created Introvert, Dear in 2013 as a personal blog to let other introverts know that it’s okay to be who you are. And there is nothing wrong with being quiet or awkward, just rock your personality and never let it hold you back. Now Introvert, Dear is less of a blog but more of an online publishing platform and community. Which is something I really love, and would love to maybe see this blog get there someday. As I love to receive guest posts, as everyone sees things differently for lifestyle type and beauty posts.

Favorite Posts from Introvert, Dear

Working in Retail was a Nightmare, this post really resonated with me because I completely understand this feeling. In high school, the only jobs that you really could get were retail jobs so I avoided it the best I could. But when I got out of college the first time, I had no degree and couldn’t avoid it anymore and got a job at Staples. And every day was a struggle of getting out of my shell, trying to sell things to others when I was so quiet and reserved, and feeling exhausted from being surrounded by people.

The Benefits of Spending Time Alone, these are so true. I find so many benefits to being alone. And though I like spending time with others, I definitely have a clearer mind, at peace, and more creative when I’m on my own. Any this post just highlights all of that!

Career Tips, now this post you can apply to landing your next career but you can apply all of these tips to your life in general. Basically just learn new things, make friends, and take advantages of educational perks.

Daydreaming Isn’t Just a Waste of Time, I daydream a lot and out of that I get a lot of ideas for things I want to do in the future. And this post just helped me see that it’s helpful. As sometimes I forget this.

What blogger inspires you and why?

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