Blogger That Inspires me: Marzia’s Life

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This month I want to give my monthly blogger shout out to Marzia Bisognin, or CutiePieMarzia she goes on YouTube. I honestly didn’t know she had a blog until this month. And she inspired me in two ways: one to start vlogging as of next month and to just write more about what I’ve been doing in my daily life. I wasn’t writing too much about those topics I realized besides my once a month “Life Lately.” And I started blogging to just talk about whatever. And reading her blog has made me realize that I was neglecting this. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to be doing all the other things I was doing before but to various degrees.

I also love just how simple her blog design is. It’s not something super fantasy or over the top, which is what I was expecting initially when I saw she had a blog. Hell her boyfriend of many years is Pewdiepie, so I was expecting it would be something that definitely had a web designer or a lot of focus on photography and whatnot. But it’s not that, not to cut it down or anything. I like that it’s simplistic. You get the sense that this is something she’s just doing for her enjoyment and it’s just her online diary. Also it shows that you don’t need something so over the top just to have a good blog. It fits her personality and I enjoy that.

And as I’ve stated in the beginning, her blog: Marzia’s Life, has inspired me to do more posts about just what’s going on in my life as well as start vlogging. I’ll have more on that in next week during a Let’s Talk About…

Normally I share a few of favorite blog posts from the blogger that has inspired me. But as these are more personal dairy entries, I don’t have one specific one I want to highlight. I just recommend you check out her blog: (Update 2019: Her blog is no longer active so the link does not work).

Who has inspired you this month? And in what way have they inspired you?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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