Blogger That Inspires me: Poppy Deyes

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This month’s shoutout goes to a blogger that has really inspired me for both my blog and lifestyle. I have followed Poppy Deyes’ blog since she started one, and have loved to see how her style has evolve.

It’s actually something that I’ve had to look at for my own blog since I started daily blogging a little over a year ago. I’ve come to realized that I wasn’t using my own style but the style I was seeing almost every other blogger using. The bright white colors and minimalistic photos with marble somewhere included. It’s not me. I love deep, rich colors and wood tones. And I never would have realized this if it hadn’t been for Poppy Deyes. Her blog inspires me to break out of the mold of doing what everyone else is doing visually. So expect some changes in tones/style coming from me in the future.

Not only has Poppy Deyes inspired my photography for my blog, but also the lifestyle I wanted to heads towards. And I am by no means living by it 100% but I strive towards it. In which I mean, I try to be a pescatarian whenever possible. It’s made me step way outside my food comfort zone and try new things rather than the same five meals I was eating non-stop. I still slip up and eat meat every now and again, but for the most part I don’t eat it. It doesn’t even come to mind as I’ve started getting really into alternatives. And that’s all because of reading Poppy’s blog posts and trying out her recipes.

Favorite Posts

There have been a lot of incredible posts that I have read from this blog, but some really stood out to me and I catch myself re-reading them quite a bit. Those posts were:

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