Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made

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MP BloggingI’ve had my blog for three years now and I can’t say it’s been perfect during it’s entire lifespan. Hell, I’ve changed directions on the way I wanted to go multiple times. And it will probably still evolve over time, because I’m learning and growing as a person. And I can’t all of these things I’m proud of looking back at it, but that’s why they are mistakes. We can look at them, shake our heads at how naive we were then move on knowing better now.

Using Low Quality Photos or Stock Photos

When I started out blogging, I didn’t have the greatest camera or even know how to take photos that weren’t nature shots. Which was the only thing I used to photograph before starting a blog. So my photos were less than to be desired. I can’t say they are perfect now but they are a whole lot better and I spend way more time on them to make sure of that.

Purchasing Followers

This is a massive no in the blogging community, and I am already anticipating a lot of hate in the comments or un-subscriptions. I even debated not putting this in, but I felt this would be a great idea to put in regardless. And I’m not going to lie or pretend to be on some high horse, and say I’ve never done it. When I started out my blog, I didn’t read other blogs. So when I got offered 90% deal on a thing that I thought was just promotional (advertisement), I took it thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do to promote and get your blog out there. However, it wasn’t promotional as I found out a while after I purchased it. It was actually purchasing 100 followers on Bloglovin’. Once I would out, I regretted it immediately, and have never done it since. When I look at that follower count on there I always minus out those followers because I know they’re not real. Does that make me less of a blogger because I made a mistake over three years ago, no. It means I made a mistake and I learned from it.

Only Pushing Out Blog Posts to Social Media

You’ll hear this over and over in the blogging community, make sure to promote your blog on other social platforms. What they don’t tell you is to make sure you’re also very active on that platform more than just pushing out your lastest post to that platform. It’s a turn off, and I’m still working on getting better about that every where. Also don’t just post, engage with others and they’ll be more likely to engage back. That doesn’t mean follow/unfollow so they follow you back, that’s annoying and disheartening. I mean engaging on their posts by commenting and liking what they do. This helps build up the community and make others actually want to engage back on your stuff.

What blogging mistakes have you made in the past and what did you do to correct them going forward?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. Madi Dearson
    March 7, 2018 / 3:31 AM

    I think this post is brave and honest – I like the fact that you don’t shy away from owning past mistakes, the advise you gave regarding social media is valuable, I actually love the engaging, that’s the fun part for me, I struggle more with random twits and such, but it’s something to work on live and learn right?

    • Mae Polzine
      March 7, 2018 / 7:05 AM

      Right! Glad you enjoy it and found some of the advice helpful.
      ♥ Mae

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