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Blogging Process: From Brainstorming to Publishing


It’s no secret that blog posts can be a process if you’ve ever written a blog. From coming up with ideas to taking the perfect photographs for the post to hitting that publish button. Sometimes writing a post that I’ve very happy about is a breeze and other times I sit at the computer screen with no idea where to begin. So I thought today it would be fun to share my entire process from the very beginning to the final product.

Creative Convex


Not this isn’t really a process per-say. It’s more I sit down at my computer or on my phone on OneNote and type out all the days of the month with space next to it. Then I create titles for blog posts that I want to write and some that I will never write. And inspiration for these titles come from anywhere. Mainly things that I have going on in like or a new product that I want to try out. And I leave spaces in my calendar for “Let’s Talk About…” or “Random Photo Diary” so I can go back and forth between things I have to just come up with on the spot when I get to writing that day’s post. And that’s not to say I can’t change the schedule for things that I really want to write about that day, but it’s a guideline I create while brainstorming ideas.

From Title to Rough Draft

This happens wherever I am that I have a little bit of free time to dedicate to writing a blog post or planning things out for one. I will grab one of the titles from the calendar, generally whichever one is the next on the list, and start a rough draft of the content for that post. As well as the general styling I want the photographs for that post to have. From I want to have this subject in the photo and the general items to include with it. And it’s super easy to do this since either I can write up what I’m thinking for the post either in OneNote or on Squarespace through the website or mobile application.


This step happens together. As sometimes there are videos that go along with a post, or specific things that I need to take photographs of so I can finalize the writing in the post. For instance, I’m creating a look or review of something. There could be first impression items that I can’t just write about unless I’ve actually gotten to filming the video. So I have to wait and add those details in later.


And then it’s the time to take photographs of everything I need to. Now sometimes I don’t have time to due to being too busy with work, so I have to find/purchase a stock photo that envisions what I was thinking of originally doing. For instance, this blog post I was going to take a photo of my laptop with some coffee but I’ve been so sick and playing catch up with work that I didn’t have time to take that photograph when I had the right lighting for it so I used an amazing stock photo from Pink Pot’s Creative Convex. If I do manage to have time to take photographs, then the next step is editing them in Photoshop to give them the right feel for what I’m going for. Making sure the brightness and tones match exactly what I’m going for. And this happens on 90% of my posts.

Final Touches

Lastly, I review the post over with all the photographs or videos put into place and confirm that it’s something I’m really happy with. Then in Squarespace I’ll make sure the post is set to go out to all my social media and is scheduled on the blog for the right date.

What is your blogging process like?

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