Blogs That Inspires Me: From Roses, Pink Pot, Abigail Alice, & The Pink Paperdoll

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I don’t know how the month has flown already and that I completely forgot to do a “Blogger That Inspires Me…” so I thought I would talk about several blogs that I love reading all the time! Those being From Roses, Pink Pot, Abigail Alicex, and The Pink Paperdoll.

From Roses

From Roses is written by Rebecca, who is a UK blogger that writes about: skin care, self-development & growth, and style. I love her photography and her blog posts are so inspiring. I really love her posts in minimalism and blogging. Especially the minimalism ones at the moment as I’m trying to take on more of a minimalist lifestyle, which is the complete opposite of what I was doing previously.


When I first started blogging, I enjoyed photography but it was lacking in almost every aspect. I couldn’t make photos of products looking good by any means. They all just looked plain, boring, and unoriginal. But since joining PinkPot’s Facebook group and reading her blog, I say my photography game has greatly improved. Now I still use stock photos every now and then from packs I got from PinkPot, but my goal one day is to be able to take ones that I am very proud of myself. Right now all I’m good at is nature photography but I’m working on my lifestyle/beauty photos with the help of Chaitra’s blog.

Abigail Alice x

When I first joined Bloglovin’ I came across Abigail’s blog and have read it ever since… which was about a year and a half ago. Abigail is a British lifestyle blogger and her blog is aesthetic dreams. I love the style of all her posts and it’s definetly been something that I have been inspired by over the time I’ve been reading her blog.

The Pink Paperdoll

This blog is written by Abbie Kathrina, who I met last summer at Minnesota Blogger’s Conference and have loved reading her blog ever since. She primarily writes about Eco-chic beauty, happy lifestyle and beautiful fashion. It’s actually making me want to bring back fashion posts to my own blog as I took that away several months ago. But after reading her amazing blog, I like the style she does for her fashion posts compared to how I was doing them previously.

What bloggers inspired you?

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