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Book Genres That I Don’t Vibe With

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There are a lot of different genres for books, and not all of them work for everyone. I tend to read books that exist in the fantasy or paranormal realm even when it comes to the romance books that I read (or they have a sci-fi element to them). So, I thought it would be a fun idea to write about the genres of books I generally don’t reach for or don’t find entertainment/enjoyment from. Not that there’s anything wrong with these genres, but they just aren’t for me.

Historical Fiction/Romance

Books that are based in a time period set in the past decades with a focus on real historical events. If I wanted to learn about history, I would look at history. But I generally read to escape, so learning about some past event or something based on the real world is not something I’m going to reach for.

My mom is a massive fan of these books, so whenever I see one pop up I usually send them over to her.

Contemporary Romance

Romance books are set in the current time period and are set in our world. Similar to what I said in Historical Fiction, I read to escape the current world why would I want to read about it? Also, I don’t really care to read about a small-town romance, high school/college romance, or something else along those lines. I’m either way older than those books are set for, or have a completely different lifestyle so I don’t find those of interest.

Sports Romance

Another big genre under the romance branch focused on some aspects of the sports world. Usually, with one of the main characters is an athlete, coach, owner, agent, etc. While I do enjoy sports and the inclusion of those in the books I read, I’m not so into sports where I want those to be the central focus of the book. Again many of these books are focused on high school-age students.

Detective and Mystery

This is my sister’s favorite genre, so I know a lot of these books through her, but I never got into it personally. These books revolve around a crime of sorts that must be solved or foiled.

While there are elements of these books that I find interesting, I need that otherworldly element to get into it. Take Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas. The main characters in that book were solving a mystery but there was a fantasy element to it.

Literary Fiction

Another genre that my mom loves. Literary Fiction usually is meant to evoke deep thought through personal or social commentary on a particular theme. These books are great for a book club as there can be a lot of discussion around the theme of the book, but I find it reminds me too much of reading assignments back in school to find any enjoyment in them.

Memoirs and Biographies

Books that tell the story about the details and events of someone’s life. They can be interesting, but am I going to sit down during my escape time to read about something that I could’ve learned in a five-minute clip on YouTube? Nope. I’ll just find a YouTube video that summarizes it.


Books that focus on emotional well-being, finances, or spirituality that center on encouraging personal improvement and confidence. A lot of people can find help in these types of books. But they just remind me of school in a lot of ways, or that I should just get a therapist. I want an escape when I’m reading not a book telling me that everything in my life or how I’m going about things is wrong.

What book genres do you generally end up avoiding?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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