Book Releases I’m Looking Forward to This Month

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There are quite a few books releasing this month that I’m really excited to read as I’ve been waiting on them to come out for months. All of these are the latest releases in the series I’ve read. A few of these, I had been looking forward to reading sooner but the release date for them got pushed back to March for one reason or another by the author. And this month they should be coming out, so I’m super excited to get my hands on them.

The majority of these books I’ll be reading on Kindle, and will likely be on Kindle Unlimited when they release based on previous books in the series.

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Note: minor spoilers for each of these series.
  • Dark Fire (A Fireblood Dragon Romance, Book 9) by Ruby Dixon – Released March 1, 2022
    • This is the final book in the series. I haven’t read it yet as I’ve been into Zodiac Academy spin-off series at the moment. Once those are done, I’ll probably read this one next. I’m curious how this book is going to go since the male main character has been the villain in every other book in the series. Though there’s another big/bad that wants to come to what remains of Earth.
  • Sun Crossed (Zodiac Wolves, Book 3) by Elizabeth Briggs – Releasing March 11, 2022
    • The previous book ended with her mate being possibly killed along with all her allies before she was taken/rescued by the moon witches. I’m curious where this series is going to go. The sun witches need to be stopped and I wonder how many false mate bonds will be revealed once their magic/spells are gone. We know the main character has a fake one to her half-brother.
  • The War of Two Queens (Blood and Ash, Book 4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Releasing March 15, 2022
    • CASTEEL! Please let my baby boy be ok, and let Poppy reign hellfire on everyone who gets in her way of getting her man back. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.
  • Oaths and Omissions (Monsters & Muses, Book 3) by Sav R. Miller – Releasing March 15, 2022
    • I enjoyed the previous two books in this series. Each book is considered a standalone, though the first two books had overlaps in characters. This one on the other hand appears to be completely separate and is inspired by the Helen of Troy myth. I’m curious how this book will play out especially as it doesn’t have direct ties to the previous books.
  • Wild Soul (Real Wolves Bite, Book 5) by C.R. Jane and Mila Young – Releasing March 25, 2022
    • Last book ended on a major cliff-hanger and I want to know what happens after Rune was kidnapped. Plus, we finally got the guys on the same page. It doesn’t look like this is the final book in the series, so I’m sure we’ll be left with another cliffhanger.
  • Through Illusions and Deceit (A Court of Gilt and Shadow, Book 2) by Stacy Jones and Harper Wylde – Releasing March 31, 2022
    • I’m wondering where this book will start off. We just learned that the main character is the rightful Queen of the Fae, and possibly mates with all three of the guys. So, I’m curious where this book is going to go. I still love that the main character was like “right, we’re aliens… only logical explanation.”
  • Blood and Wrath (Blood and Ruin, Book 2) by Rumer Hale – Releasing March 31, 2022
    • Another book that left off on a major cliff hanger. It almost looked good for the group but the heroine was captured by her step-father. Not to mention all the guys almost died, but somehow managed to survive due to their mate bond. So, I’m really curious where this book is going to go since I think it’s going to be told from the guys’ perspective.

I have several other books in Kindle Unlimited that I’m planning to read as well, but these are the new releases that I’m specifically looking forward to reading. Not to mention books I currently have on my bookshelf that I have yet to read.

What books are you looking forward to in March?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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