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Book Series I Frequently Return To


When I was a little kid, it was hard press to get me to pick up a book. I couldn’t spell or understand most of the words even though I liked the concept of books. This for the longest time turned me off from books, so I can’t say any books when I was younger had any real impact on me. Though that all changed roughly in sixth or seventh grade when I found a series I couldn’t put down. Since that time period, there have been numerous books that I read without ever wanting to put the books down. So, I thought I would write about some of those series especially the ones that I’ve read countless times.

The Shadowhunters Chronicles

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last year or so, this one should come at no surprise. I’m obsessed with this world. I’ve read each of the series numerous times and just got the newest book, which I have not read yet. Those series being: The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, and The Infernal Devices. The new series is The Last Hours, which only has one book released so far.

It’s a world of Nephilim (half human, half angel) that fight demons, and deal with other supernatural beings. Though the main enemy never ends up being supernatural, it’s usually always another Nephilim or human. There’s a bit of romance mixed in with it as well, while I’m normally not a romance book lover… I’d be lying to say that’s not one of my favorite parts of the series.

Harry Potter

“After all this time? Always.”

Who doesn’t love the Harry Potter series, it’s a comforting world of magic. However, I would be lying to say I grew up reading these books. I didn’t; my sister did. I didn’t actually read the series until my senor year of high school the summer before going off to college. I struggled to get through the first two books on an interest level, but forced myself through it. By the third book, I couldn’t put them down then finished the rest of the series within a week of that. Up until that point, I didn’t find the books entertaining and thought they dragged on a bit.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Ravenclaw, and Harry’s lack of wonder and quest for knowledge rubbed me the wrong way. I mean the kid had Hermione do all of his assignments for years. Not to mention, there are plenty of clues that I would’ve thought Harry would pick up on or surely Hermione, but nope they didn’t put the dots together until the end of the school year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I could re-read these books over and over again. Still it’s just something I can’t help but notice/comment on.

The Hunger Games

Who doesn’t love a book with a strong female protagonist in a dystopian society? If you’ve somehow missed this, The Hunger Games is a trilogy where children are forced to fight to the death on a televised series every year put on by the government as a reminder not to rebel. Katniss Everdeen volunteers in her sister’s place, and finds herself the face of a revolution.


I don’t read this series anymore, but I would be lying to say I didn’t binge read this entire series during my middle school years. Hell it’s where my pen name comes from. One of my favorite supernatural being is vampires, so yeah… to say I didn’t read this and pour over every detail as a teen would be a lie. I never really cared much about the romance part of the novels, it was just the background for me (which is weird considering that’s the main plot of the entire series).


Another series that takes place in a dystopian society where individuals are placed into one of five factions: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intellectual). These groups are individual’s main characteristic and tendencies, anyone that doesn’t fit in is factionless (homeless with no status or privilege). The main character is one of the individuals that doesn’t fit in as she technically has an affinity towards multiple factions, but has to hid this fact in order to survive. It’s mainly written in the POV of Tris Prior, until the final book when it starts to switch between two characters.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lastly, the series that sparked my love in reading: A Series of Unfortunate Events. This series follows the Baudelaire siblings (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny) after their parents pass away in a fire. They are sent to live with a distant relative, Count Olaf, who wants his hands on their fortune. The series follows the siblings as they bounce between homes trying to escape Count Olaf and learn the truth of what happened to their parents.


These are just a few of the series that I love and returned to multiple times (some a dozen or more times). But there are others that I also couldn’t put down while I was reading them, but never re-read those as of this current point in time. I might make a post on that in the future if you guys are interested.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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