Books Series I Loved but can’t Recall the Plot of

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I have read a lot of book series in my life, some of them I can recall in perfect detail, and others I couldn’t tell you the first thing about if you asked me to discuss the plot. So, I thought I would share some of those series today. As previously stated, I have no memory of any of the plots, so discussing them should be fascinating.

House of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

I’ve mentioned this series before on my blog. It was a popular vampire book that came out when I was in high school and finished sometime when I was in college… or it’s still going. I never finished it on account that I went to college. But for the few years, I did get to read it, I loved the series. I remember it was about vampires and there were rare individuals who could manipulate the elements. I also remember the main character getting involved with her teacher briefly, but beyond that, I can’t remember much of the book series. I just remember there was a lot of drama and it didn’t feel like at the time I was reading a book written by an adult describing teenagers, but actually the narration of a teenager. Why? I can’t remember. That was just the impression I got. Was it true? *shrugs* I would have to go back and read the series over to know that for sure.

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

This is another vampire series that I started in high school, but never finished. Mainly as I borrowed the books from a friend, so I couldn’t go back and re-read them once finished. All I remember was these vampires were born that way and a lot of those individuals end up famous for some reason. They also are reincarnated individuals with bonded partners and one of those bonds ended up being twins in their latest life. Past that I remember nothing.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Unlike the previous two, this one I read in Junior High. I recall being drawn in by the fact that the main character and her father could read characters out of books, but I can’t remember much of the plot outside of that. Other than, for everything they read out of a book something else must go in, which resulted in the girl’s mother being taken away from her years prior to the start of the first book. And that there was a pine martin, but I can’t remember what he does or his importance.

Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld

I know I read this sometime between Junior and Senior high school, but I can’t remember a single plot element of the book. Only the ending for some reason (to an extent) and that the group of main characters get a mysterious thirteenth hour where the world is frozen for everyone but them. They have to fight against something (no idea why those things exist or what they even were anymore) and have a specific gift related to that thirteenth hour. One of them can create light where previously no one could, another can practically fly, and another was good at numbers. Don’t remember what the numbers did but it helped them… I think. There were other things but those are the only ones I recall.

The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris d’Lacey

Another book series I got into when I was in Junior High but never ended up finishing as I moved on from that genre as I got older. I know it was about dragons that were little clay figures that came to life. Some of them had special powers if I recall. And the main character was an inspiring author, who ended up getting published years later. But I can’t recall anything else about the story, or if the dragons stayed small clay figures or got larger. Or what the conflict of the book was for that matter. I do remember that the main character either dies or disappears after the third or fourth book. Why? No clue.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

My sister and I each have half the books in the series, or half of the books we managed to read of the series. So, we each have a hodge-podge collection. I have three of the books while she has another three. And yet, I can’t recall anything about this series other than it featured a lot of characters across different mythologies and people had different colored auras. And the two main characters had unique silver and gold auras that either meant they could end the world or save it. Though I might be wrong on that. But there was something about their auras that was different from everyone else and it meant they could learn special powers or elements through marks on their skin (if I remember correctly). And I mainly remember the mythology detail only because in college I used the series to compare how the mythologies appeared in that series against actual mythologies for a class I was taking. You would think that would help me remember the series, but nope.

Those are the only book series I can primarily think of for this topic, but I’m sure there were others. Some of these still sit on my shelf to this day, while others were donated years ago. What book series do you recall enjoying a lot but can’t recall much about them now?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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