Brows for Days With Wunderbrow

I originally saw this product a long time ago on a video Tati Westbrook did but didn't think anything of it other than that's a cool idea. Then the other day it popped up in my Amazon suggested feed and I decided to take a look. Whilst looking at the product on Amazon and then doing some digging, I learned that this is a cruelty free and vegan brand. Plus remembering the old video from Tati that it actually is long lasting so I could be extra lazy with my makeup, I decided I would give it a whirl myself and I'm glad I did because this product hit every mark for me.

This product is available in five shades: blonde, auburn, brunette, black/brown, and jet black. I decided to test out the brunette one as I like my eyebrow darker than my hair and blonde I felt would be way too light for me in general. One tube of the gel is $22 and comes with a spooly to brush the product through your eyebrows after applying with the brush applicator included in the tube. But you can also purchase for $8.95 a Dual Precision brush which has a brush on one side to put the product through your brows and a spooly on the other side.

According to the brand this product is:

  • Long lasting-stays on until you decide to take it off
  • Transfer-proof-will no transfer onto your clothes
  • Budge-proof-will not smudge if you rub
  • Water-proof-shower, swim, workout, wunderbrow stays put
  • Hair fibers-fill in sparse areas for a natural look

From testing I can say this product does last days which is perfect for days where I don't really want to do makeup but still want my eyebrows done. I just doing them on a previous day where I did makeup then can be lazy the following day and still have good looking brows. Plus the product stays put so it doesn't transfer or budge off during whatever you are doing. I have even tested it through water and it stays put.

Overall, I really enjoy this product and I'm glad I decided to actually give it a try. What budge proof makeup have you tried out? Did it live up to the claims or fail epically?