BullyMake Subscription Box Review & Unboxing

Previously, I had another subscription box for Pixie but every toy was a soft toy and ended up being destroyed in about five minutes. So it didn't seem worth it. I even requested that I get tougher toys and though they were considered tougher toys, she could destroy them in a minute. And I ended up discontinuing my subscription with them. I've been wanting another subscription box for Pixie for quite some time but never found one that I was super excited about until I learned about BullyMake Box. So I decided to give it a go as the box is designed specifically for power chewers like Pitbulls, Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, etc. Though Pixie is not one of these breeds, she chews like one of them.

BullyMake boxes are $31/month if you choose the 12 month option, $34/month for 6 month option, $36/month for 3 month option, or $39/month for a single month at a time option. This post is in no means sponsored and all links are not referral or affiliate, so I'm making nor getting anything from this. Almost every review I've seen for this box have been sponsored so I just wanted to make it clear this is in no way sponsored. Not that it would change my option. As I always want to be 100% honest in any review.

Unboxing Video

Products Received

Overall Thoughts/Review

I'm super pleased with this subscription box. All the items are grain free which is something I specifically requested, and Pixie is in love with the toys. She refused to do anything besides play fetch with the asteroid ball which is made of heavy duty rubber, and chew the Nylon antler. Pixie loves antlers but I always have to take them away after a while since they have splinters and sharp edges after a while that causes their mouths to bleed. So this is supposed to be the perfect alternative to that. And the treats I got in the box, Pixie is in love with other her normal Milk Bones. I'm going to keep getting this subscription box for Pixie, let me know if you would like me to continue opening up for the blog. If not, I'll just open them up on my own.

One thing that isn't my favorite about this subscription service is there is no account page. If you need to review your subscription in any way, you have to email them. You can't just review what you selected for your subscription without going through them. You do have to make a password when creating your subscription, but there is absolutely nowhere where you can enter this in at a later date. Not a super negative, but I would LOVE to see them bring that option out on the website. If they do have it, it's impossible to find from their homepage.

I learned after filming the unboxing that my roommate's dog, Kiki, can actually open up the box on her own. Pixie just hits it then looks at me to open it for her. Kiki just tears into one corner so she can lift the tab up to open it up. So if I do another unboxing, I'll probably film that as I think it's hilarious!