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Can We Dupe it? Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette


Continuing on with my single pan declutter project, I’m going to be comparing my individual shadows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette as it’s one of my go to palettes. Sometimes I do have issues with Subculture, but ultimately the shades just call to me. So I want to see just how close we can get to recreating the palette using my individual shadows. Now I know for a fact we won’t get close on a large majority of the shades.

Bottom Swatch (ABH Subculture) and Top Swatch (Individual Shadow):

While my individual shadows can get a close result they just aren’t as pigmented or rich as Subculture. Not that they don’t work amazing, but they just don’t get you to the same end colors. I also have nothing for the duochromes Cube and Electric that match… well Cube I can get sort of close with using the Kat Von D Alchemist palette but I’m not going to purchase that palette again when it runs out since I don’t want to support that brand anymore. I also didn’t have anything close to Untamed, I went into a metallic shade just so there was something but even then it’s not the same undertones or depth. The only shade I would say is close is Facet by ColourPop with All Star, but it’s not as rust undertone as All Star. So nothing is getting decluttered in this round but I still had fun trying to get something close.


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