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Can We Dupe it? Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette


This is probably going to be my most “off” Can We Dupe It posts, but I still find this a lot of fun to do as I compare my palettes to my individual shadows as a means to declutter. So today I’m comparing some of my shadows with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette. I still have five full large eyeshadow palettes of individual shadows but a smaller palette has been completely emptied out so using this series I’ve managed to declutter 12 shades that I had duplicates of elsewhere in my eyeshadow collection.

In each of the photos, the Thirsty palette is on the top while the comparison is on the bottom.

I don’t have pressed glitters which is what the entire middle row of shadows in the Thirsty palette nor do any of the metallics that I have come near the same undertone. The main shadow that I think is just too insanely similar to the Thirsty palette is the NYX Hot Single Shadow in STFU, also it just doesn’t perform as well anymore since I had to repress that shadow. In person, the rest are not similar at all but in the lighting with my usual photo filter they do look pretty similar. My individual shades for the top row are more orange compared to the coral/pink of the Thirsty Palette.

So I’m only getting rid of the one shade in this comparison but we’ve already gotten rid of a bunch already that I’ve had to take out some palettes I planned to do since I can’t recreate them now with individual shadows. Which I think is a great step in the right direction since I’m a bit too attached to my eyeshadow collection especially considering almost all of it has been purchased in the last year.


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