Can We Dupe it? Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette

Tarte In Bloom Palette Comparison 1

The last two palettes I attempted to dupe or really just compare my individual shadows to were on both spectrum of neutral to bold. So I thought I would go back to my first loved eyeshadow palette, that being the Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette. As always I went through what remained in my collection after the last two declutter rounds and if a shade matches, it gets decluttered since I don’t need that many individual shadows considering how many palettes I have. And at the start of this I had six full empty palettes filled of individual shadows.

I struggled to find similar shades for this palette, which in a way I guess is a good thing but at the same time doesn’t help me with the declutter. So the shades I ended up doing for the comparison were (Tarte’s on the left and individual shadows on the right):

Tarte In Bloom Palette Comparison Swatches
  • Charmer > NYX Hot Single Shadow in Whipped Cream
  • Jetsetter > NYX Hot Single Shadow in Stiletto
  • Rocker > NYX Hot Single Shadow in Striked Pose
  • Smokeshow > NYX Hot Single Shadow in Own The Night
  • Flower Child > NYX Nude Matte Shadow in Kiss The Day
  • Smarty Pants > ColourPop Individual Shadow in Kill Switch
  • Firecracker > NYX Primastic Shadow in Bedroom Eyes
  • Activist > ColourPop Individual Shadow in Roundhouse
  • Funny Girl > NYX Hot Single Shadow in Pixie
  • Sweetheart > ColourPop Individual Shadow in Lucky You
  • Rebel > ColourPop Individual Shadow in Lil’ Boat
  • Leader > ColourPop Individual Shadow in Facet

Luckily for the declutter there are a few shades that will be leaving the collection: Striked Pose, Smokeshow, and Pixie. I’m keeping Bedroom Eyes though it’s very similar to Firecracker as I seriously love that shadow and there’s a serious dent in the one from the In Bloom Palette. The others are staying as well, at least for now but there are still more palettes to do the comparison with.

Tarte In Bloom Palette Comparison 2


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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