Review of Madeyewlook Body Paint

I finally got contacts, which means I can do creative makeup again! I avoided it when I just had my glasses as I COULD NOT see what I was doing. The looks weren’t clean or I couldn’t get the details that I wanted. So, I took eight months off from doing it all together. And then basically stopped posting on here about makeup. But since I have contacts again, we’re bringing it back! So, I thought I would start out with going over (reviewing) Madeyewlook’s new line of body paint. She’s an incredible body painter that I have been following on YouTube/Twitch for years. I’ve even done a video in the past that she featured attempting her Alice Madness Return’s Insane Child… which is one of the looks featured in this post as I thought it was fitting and I recreated it.

The Hallotober Tag

I was tagged by the incredible Jenna over at J.K. I’m Exploring to do a fun Halloween tag and I couldn’t pass it up. Check out her blog if you don’t already follow because she puts out some amazing content. This tag was created by Jordanne from The Life of A Glasgow Girl (the header image from hers).

Life Update: I’m Maxed Out

Haven’t written a personal type blog post in ages, but I don’t know. I’m in the mood to. I’ve been dealing with a lot in my personal life that has been leaving my head in a a hundred different places. And I need to vent somewhere, so going to share it here as my blog is first and foremost a place for me to share anything on my mind not just a professional review of books, games, and makeup type place.

Behind the Blogger Tag

Today’s tag is the Behind the Blogger Tag that I was tagged in by Ellie from Read to Ramble, thank you so much for tagging me! If you don’t know Ellie or don’t follow her blog, I definitely recommend creating her out. I love reading her reviews. This tag was created by Ellyn from allonsythornraxx. Now, on to the questions!

Review of e.l.f. x JKissa to the Rescue Palette

The first time JKissa collaborated with e.l.f. I missed out as it was constantly out of stock whenever I tried to get it. So, this time I did not want to miss out with the To the Rescue Eyeshadow Palette. That is not the only thing that came with this collection. There was also a furever eyeshadow brush set (I love e.l.f. brushes and they make up the majority of brushes I own/use), and Tsuki To My Heart Eyeshadow Topper Duo. I’m not going to be focused on those two items from this collection in this review, but I did get both in addition to the palette.

Ways to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

I’ve been mainly posting about this over on my Instagram and heavily on my Twitter account, but don’t know how I completely neglected to put this on my blog as well. Instagram is full of incredible resources of what we can do to show our support online and offline, especially under the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. I truly hope this post is useful to continue to make sure we’re taking action now and forever.