Until Dawn: True Monster of the Game

Until Dawn is a teenage horror video game on PlayStation. Where your decisions effect how the characters feel about each other and if they live or die. And there are two plots playing out during the chapters of Until Dawn. One of the psycho and the other being the Wendigos. And you can argue who the monster or villain of the game is. But it’s quite complicated when you go through the game. Yes, the wendigos are the villain but it’s not the real monster of the video game.

Dragon Age II: Dislike for Repeated Maps

Currently on our YouTube channel, I’m playing through the Dragon Age series and currently I’m on the second game. Now there are many areas I’m not the biggest fan of in this game. Though this game is a huge piece in the Dragon Age storyline as it is the huge spark for the Templar vs mage conflict that will be a major plot point for the following game, the quarni’s reputation which is a deciding factor if you play as one in the third game, and red lyruim makes its introduction. But the main thing that bothered me the most while playing, isn’t that I don’t like how you’re being told the story after it’s already over or that it’s three stories pushed into one. It’s that all the maps are repeated over and over again! And don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I love about the game but the maps really get to me.

Favorite Movies to Watch Around Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday with Christmas being a close second, so for the entire month of October (more or less) I will be dedicating every blog post around Halloween/Fall. So what better way to kick off the season of Halloween than going over all the movies I love watching during the month of October. Some are Halloween specific while others are not, but fit the general feel of Halloween.

Pokemon Go Adventures

So ever since the phone application came out, I’ve been obsessed with it. And has really helped me with my goal of taking Pixie for walks every day. Which has worked really well, as I’ve been getting up and walking rather than being lazy in my townhouse. Plus my roommate, Harley, is playing as well and I convinced her to join Team Valor with me. So we take both the doggies for walks so it doesn’t look like we’re just playing Pokemon Go. But it’s been a lot of fun.

Three Inspirational Books to Read this Summer on Kindle

If I’m reading a book, I hate when I go from one place to another and forget to bring the book with me. So using Kindle is my go-to way of reading books as I can pull it up on my surface, computer, or phone. This summer I’ve decided I am going to read a few inspirational books as well as all the other book series that I seriously need to finish reading. Self confidence is not always my strong point and these books look like they are really inspirational and motivating.

Holiday Movie Marathon

Today I have not been feeling well at all and had to stay home, so I ended up having a Christmas movie marathon and watching YouTuber’s vlogmas posts. And I typically never have Christmas movie marathons, maybe one every few nights but today I’ve just watched a massive amount of movies. They were: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Disney’s A Christmas Carol, The Year Without Santa Claus, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What are some…