Christmas Home Decor Ideas

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This year for Christmas, I can’t really decorate how I would love to rather just go with what my mom decorates her house with since I’m basically “home for the holidays.” So I thought I would share a few things I would love to do if decorating the house was left up to me. And hopefully next year, I’ll have a place of my own again where I can implement these around the house. Of course since I’m not able to do them myself, I will be sharing some of my favorite blog posts that I found on Pinterest for these decoration ideas. I also really love rustic or industrial feel so most of these will fall into this category/style.

Hot Chocolate Station/Bar

I love peppermint hot chocolate around Christmas, it’s my favorite little treat. I know a lot of people prefer eggnog, but it’s not my cup of tea. I would much rather have mulled cider or peppermint hot chocolate. And I couldn’t decide between this hot chocolate station from Funky Junk Interiors (Image above to the left) and this hot chocolate bar from Clean and Scentsible (Image above to the right). When I get my own house, you can bet your bucks I’ll have something like this in my place. Probably not just for the holidays but it will be Christmas looking during the season and probably change with the season.

Cinnamon Branch Candles

I love a good comforting candle especially a good sugar cookie or vanilla candle. But during Christmas, I would enjoy cinnamon sticks. So when I saw this pin from Celebrate Creativity, it was my two favorite things combined. Especially since they “frosted” the cinnamon sticks to look like branches around the candle.

Starry Mantle Display

I really hope wherever I move has a mantle even if it doesn’t have a working fireplace so I can decorate it with pine, pinecones, and berries. And I really love this idea with the stars from Stone Gable. Especially since it uses a wreath in the center. I love to make wreaths almost every single year for Christmas. This year I have to skip that tradition but in the future I can’t wait to make some more with a mantle that follows suit. Plus I love to make the wreath match the style I go for with the Christmas tree. Right now I’m loving blue, bronze, and white. So I would probably adjust this concept to match that color scheme.

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