Christmas/Winter Home Decor Wishlist

One thing I really want to do it decorate my room to have a common theme, and what better time than now to start that. Now a lot of these items are listed under Christmas decorations, but they don't look overly Christmas that I can't use them during the rest of the winter season. And then I also have what I want to get specifically for the Christmas season that I can use again next year. I'm going to break everything down into sections on what they are since there's quite a bit of a list. Now I probably will only get a handful of these items in the end but I still love it all.


There were three decorative pillows that I fell in love with at Target: a red moose throw pillow with red stitching from Threshold, an oversized faux-fur pillow from Threshold, and a winter mountain polar bear pillow from Wondershop. And if I do get these I would get two of the moose and faux-fur ones so I can create a cute bedding display with the polar bear in the center. The other things that I want to get for my bed are a red fuzzy blanket and some cream or ivory colored flannel sheets. This would all go incredibly well with my black comforter that I already have.

Christmas Tree

Now my roommate and I have a Christmas tree downstairs that is nerdy theme. It's not decorated yet at the time of writing this post as my roommate has been out of the house for the past week. And I don't have any money at the time to go get decorations for it myself. But when I do get my paycheck I want to help decorate that tree as well as one for my own bedroom that I also need to purchase. This would be a small 3 foot tree but would very rustic inspired with the decorations. As I love that style for Christmas trees and decorations. So here are some of the items I really want to get for that tree if I do end up getting that tree. Now these I did find on both Amazon and Target.

The Christmas tree is from Amazon that is supposed to be a Kingswood Fir with 50 clear lights which is perfect because then I don't need to get any additional lights for the tree. And of course since it's fake then I can reuse it again in the future. Plus it's a small one so it will fit no matter where I end up. Of course this isn't meant to be a main tree by any means. I really love these wooden snowflakes from Amazon and think they would look really cute as they give that rustic feel but go with everything else that I found. The last item from Amazon is the tree topper which is a really rustic with clear lights. Now moving onto Christmas tree decorations from Target, these are all from the brand Wondershop: glitter pinecones, metallic bells, ceramic animals, metallic feathers, and a deer. If I do end up creating this second Christmas tree, I will make a post about it in the future. If not, there will be one about our Christmas tree on the main floor.

What Christmas decorations do you want to get for the season or what is your favorite decoration that you got this year? I would love to hear about it!