Clue/Cluedo: A Classic Mystery Game Review

Cluedo 2

I love board games especially Clue or Cluedo (as some people call it). And when I learned it was available on Steam, I was all for it and had to get it. I play anywhere between 1 to 3 rounds of it a night. You can play either as a single player or online with a bunch of other people. If you want more boards or characters, you need a monthly pass. I don’t have the monthly pass so I just play on the tudor mansion board as Mr. Green. I typically use this character as well when I play single as well.

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As it is the same as the classic board game, three cards are chosen at the beginning of the game that it is your job to figure out. Then the remaining cards are given out to the rest of the players. Yours are crossed off on the game pad and as you find out what others have, they are marked off. If a player doesn’t have the cards, you get an X in that row/column.


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Once you’ve narrowed down the choices down to one of each you can make an accusation. However, guess wrong and you’ll be out of the game since the answer will be displayed. I seriously love playing this game and working on my detective skills to narrow down the choices. My ultimate goal is to get to a point where I can win in as few rounds as possibly. The record I’ve seen so three rows. My best round has been eight rows. Of course it does matter if your first guess just happens to be correct. Or if you’re able to narrow it down a lot right away… there’s a bit of luck to it.

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What’s one of your favorite board games that you would love to see brought to life? Let us know in the comments below!

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