ColourPop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette Review

Double Entendre Palette

When I got the Double Entendre Palette from ColourPop I was a little confused about the packaging as it looks identical to the I Think I Love You Palette. The only difference being the colors inside and the way the shadows names are shown on the back. According to ColourPop, this palette is your everyday nude palette.

DoubleEntendre_b_800x1200Shown right is the sleeve of the palette, I no longer have mine so the image is from ColourPop’s website. I would’ve loved if this was the overall look of the palette rather than a matching design to that of the I Think I Love You Palette. As with all of the other shadows, the sleeves matched the palette inside. Whereas, this one did not. I also saw in several other reviews that some pans were out of order, but mine appear to be correct in comparison to the website. Again I just wish it matched the sleeve so it would cause me less confusion going through my collection trying to grab the palettes. As I can see myself getting the two mixed up a bunch granted I love the shadows in each palette since they have different overall themes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I freaking love this palette. I even choose to end on this palette especially considering my birthday happened over the week long adventure of wearing just this one palette. So I wanted to end on a palette that I could rock for my birthday. I especially love the metallic shades in this palette and pretty much like all of the other ColourPop eyeshadow palettes, I could see myself reaching for them all of time as I just love the formula.

Double Entendre ColourPop Palette.jpgShades in the Palette

  • Locked & Loaded: matte pale yellow
  • Uninhibited: metallic deep gold
  • Hot Bod: matte chocolate brown with gold flecks
  • Flasher: satin soft ivory
  • Nekkid: matte pastel orange
  • Extra Curricular: matte burnt orange
  • Hard: matte deep terracotta
  • Draft: metallic rich rose gold
  • Keep it PG: metallic champagne gold
  • Nip Slip: matte warm saddle brown
  • Send Noodles: matte soft tan
  • Teddy Bare: matte deep chocolate brown

Colourpop Double Ent Palette Look.jpg

Now I am debating on depotting all of these palettes into a Z-Palette or something similar to that. But at the same time I like to arrange my ColourPop shadows by shades so all of the similar tones are in the same palette. So I don’t know…. let me know what you think or if you would like to see how I arrange my individual shadows in the future.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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