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ColourPop Fall Eyeshadows & Ultra Satin Lips



One of my favorite brands is ColourPop, they’re products are typically really good quality and are drugstore prices. So I love trying almost everything they come out with that I know I will use. So when I saw they came out with their fall collection that was made up of ultra satin lips, pressed powder shadows, super shock shadows, and blushes. I don’t really reach for super shock shadows that I got as I don’t really love cream eye products and I hardly wear blush. So I skipped these items from the fall collection by ColourPop.

Ultra Satin Lip

Top to Bottom: Reign, Stud, First of All, Mystic, Ambush, and Cashing Out

I love the ultra satin lip formula and can never have enough liquid lipsticks, so I really wanted to get all of the new fall shades of this formula. Especially when all of the liquid lipsticks were ultra satin for the season. There is a lip gloss as well but I don’t wear gloss so I didn’t get that shade. And the lippie stix I got in my glambag and will have in another post in the future.

Pressed Powder Shadows

Left to Right: Tea Garden, Let’s Do it, Crown Jewel, Two Birds, Koi, Roundhouse, Hung Up, Dragonfly, Glass Bull, Facet, Paper Crane, Imperial, Fortune Cookie, Snake Eyes, So Jaded, Lucky You, and Now and Zen.

I thought I ordered just the pans, but apparently I got the compacts… Luckily they sent the shadows not in the compact so I could put the shadows in the individual compacts or in my larger compacts that I have from ColourPop. For the video I do have them in one large compact together but I’m going to mix these shades into the large compacts with all my other individual shadows. I have them separated by tone: warm, neutral and warm. But I might need to split them up even more I’m not sure how I’m going to mix them all together, but I love ColourPop shadows and so need to get the rest! Now these shades you can buy in three different sets of six or individually.

Review Video

The look I’m wearing in the review video is inspired by JKissa who did this look on her channel. Just slightly different to more fit my eye shape and a little less grungy over all. But the look is completely inspired by hers. So if you want to know how to get the look, check out her video.

What shades do you think are the most fall this season?

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