ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow Review

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ColourPop recently came out with a brand new formula of eyeshadow, which has a jelly formula something that is very popular for brands to release this year. Though most of the other brands that have a jelly formula are for highlighters so it’s a bit innovative for an eyeshadow. And initially came out with eight shades in total, I am glad that there is a bit of variety in the range unlike the Supernova Shadows which is very heavy on just the bronze, copper, and gold tones.

The Jelly Much formula is super pigmented, longwearing, creaseless, and transfer-proof. I also love that they dry down into a powder finish so it blends in nicely with your other eyeshadows that you may have laid down before or after applying the Jelly Much shadow. Also you don’t experience fall out with this product. You do need to keep the seal the packaging back up or it will dry out. Each Jelly Much shadow contains 6.5g (0.23oz) for $8.00.

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Shade Description:

  • Half Moon: duochrome plum with a frosty green and blue flip.
  • Foxes: metallic rich amber gold.
  • We Jammin’: metallic soft gold.
  • Bungalow: metallic vibrant peacock teal.
  • Origami:  metallic bright yellow gold.
  • Once & Floral: metallic bright pinky copper.
  • Short Circuit: metallic bronzed copper.
  • Ventura: opal with a violet duochrome flip.
ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow Swatches.jpg

Swatches from Left to Right: Origami, Bungalow, Foxes, Short Circuit, Half Moon, Once & Floral, We Jammin’, and Ventura.

On the day I tested out the product, I also was testing out the ColourPop x Fem Rosa She Palette which I’ll have that review up later this week. So I was wearing the Once & Floral Jelly Much shadow across my entire lid to match that palette. And I love how this looked on my lids. I can’t wait to play around more with this formula as I seriously loved how it looked on the eyes as well as just the overall concept of them. I am not a massive fan of the Super Shock shadows which is an almost cream formula since I get transfer and creasing from them sometimes. But though this is a liquid/jelly formula, the way it looks on my lids makes me love it so much more!

Have you tried the Jelly Much Shadow formula? If so, which shade it your favorite? If not, what jelly formula from other brands do you enjoy?

ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow 6

Love ya,

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