ColourPop Polish Review & Swatches

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I really wanted to try these nail polishes when I found out these came out. I managed to get my hands on all but one of the nail polishes, as the holographic polish (One Wish, Two Wish) was out of stock when I could finally order them. Plus the fact that these are only $6 each with 0.45 fl oz. so that’s an amazing deal! I would rank these up there with the Essie Nail Polishes. Only the better benefit is that they are cruelty free! And I really hope that they expand this line in the future to include more shades. Either pastel or darker shades.

Shade Descriptions

  • Pixi-lated: No need to adjust your settings, this robin’s egg blue is true blue.
  • First Wings First: With a swish and flick, this pastel lavender is pure magic.
  • Be Fairy Afraid: Clap your hands if you believe this soft baby pink is the only shade for you.
  • Dust a Dream: Close your eyes, make a wish, this pastel mint green is your heart’s desire.
  • I Want it That Way: Believe us when we say, this clear with bright pink duochrome glitter is our fire.
  • One Wish, Two Wish: Red wish, blue wish, every wish under the rainbow in this silver metallic with rainbow holographic glitter dream.

Swatches of Each Shade

Pixi-Lated Pixi-Lated Be Fairy Afraid Be Fairy Afraid First Wings First First Wings First Dust a Dream Dust a Dream I Wand it That Way I Wand it That Way

Overall Thoughts

These polishes apply with a lot of pigment and only require one coat to cover your full nail. I have been testing these ones out for the last few days, and love it. I see them to have another the same quality as Essie Nail Polishes. They chip after a few days on their own, but will last longer with a top coat and wrapping the tip of your nails. One of my favorite combinations at the moment is Pixi-lated and I Wand it That Way, as it makes it look almost mermaid-like. Overall, I really love these nail polishes!

What’s your favorite nail polish?

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