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ColourPop Sol & Mar Collection Review and Swatches


ColourPop’s 2018 Summer collection is called Sol & Mar which was inspired by the heat and the waves of the ocean. Now I love ColourPop eyeshadow palettes, they are some of my absolute formula. And I especially wanted to try these palettes as Mar reminds me a lot of the Kylie Cosmetics Blue Honey palette but with some more rich blue tones. While the Sol palette looks quite similar to Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette. Now I do not have either of those products as I don’t purchase anything from Kylie Cosmetics, as they are overpriced in my opinion and have had too many flops for me to ever try anything from the brand. But the Blue Honey did have me tempted, so that’s why I’m especially curious about this collection considering they are produced by sister manufacturers.

The entire collection costs $74 for two 9-pan palettes with mirrors, three ultra blotted lips, and four super shock highlighters. The palettes individually cost $12 and contain 9 x 1g (0.035oz) of product, the ultra blotted lip cost $6 each and contain 3.0g (0.10oz) of product, and the shock shock highlighters cost $8 each and contain 4.2g (0.15oz) of product. If you purchased everything individually it would run you the same amount of money, so you do not save anything from purchasing everything together.

Typically with ColourPop I don’t buy entire collections, and that’s no different with this collection called Sol & Mar. I decided to skip out on the Super Shock Highlighters as some the looks of the swatches I’ve seen these may be too dark for my skin tone. So to avoid wasted products I decided not to get those and opt for the other products instead. Now I have never tried the Ultra Blotted Lip from ColourPop, and for a long time had them on my anti-haul list. But I am going to give them a go to see if my opinion has changed on them, or if I want to go get a bunch more of these. And yes I know, I just cleared out a lot of my liquid lipstick collection but I’m a makeup addict so sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Sol Palette

The Sol Palette was inspired by the sun, heat, and coral of the summer. Filled with vibrant orange, pink, and copper shades that any warm-tone lover would love. As mentioned earlier, this palette looks insanely similar to the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette. And I love that they included mirrors in these palettes.

Two things of note with this palette. The first is that the shade anthem came broken in the palette when I opened it up so I had to repress the shadow. Which isn’t huge deal but still really annoying. And the second is that most of the shadows spin in their pan so it makes it harder to get the product unless you are doing tapping motion. And I typically do a mixture of tapping and swirling, so avoid the swirl motion as much as possible with this palette. Now I don’t know if that spinning pan contributed to the breaking of Anthem in the mail, but I think it might since no other ColourPop palettes have ever arrived broken or had that spinning issue.

ColourPop Sol Palette Swatch

Left to Right: Unwind, OOO, Floaties, B+B, Motel, Hotel, Dynamite, Anthem (Re-pressed), Anthem (Broken), and New Digs.

Shadows that come in the Sol Palette:

  • New Digs: matte pastel peach
  • Anthem: metallic bright pinky copper
  • Dynamite: matte burnt orange
  • Hotel: metallic vivid copper
  • Motel: satin hot pinky coral
  • B+B: metallic pinky gold
  • Floaties: bright metallic orange
  • OOO: hot orange coral
  • Unwind: matte rich terracotta

Mar Palette

The Mar palette was inspired by the ocean and is a color lover’s dream filled with teals and bronzes. I can see this being a great palette to wear throughout the summer or on vacations. Like the Sol palette, this 9-pan shadow palette contains a mirror. And reminds me a lot of Kylie Cosmetics Blue Honey palette but with more vibrant blue hue shadows.

My one complaint with this palette is that most of the shadows spin in their pan so it makes it harder to get the product unless you are doing tapping motion. And I typically do a mixture of tapping and swirling, so avoid the swirl motion as much as possible with this palette.

Left to right: My Way, Top Down, Hwy, Sorbet, Gridlock, Boozy, Detour, Wild One, and El Rey.

Shadows that come in the Mar Palette:

  • El Rey: metallic soft peach with gold pearl
  • Wild One: metallic rich orange copper
  • Detour: matte cobalt
  • Boozy:metallic orange with gold pearl
  • Gridlock: bright teal with silver & teal glitter
  • Sorbet: matte peachy soft brown
  • Hwy: satin sea foam green with a gold sheen
  • Top Down: matte dark chocolate
  • My Way: metallic true vibrant bronze

Ultra Blotted Lip

Now I have never tried this formula from ColourPop before as I already mentioned. I didn’t understand the appeal of them. It’s a matte liquid lipstick that was formulated to be sheer to create a soft, diffused look but that confused me quite a bit at first as why wouldn’t you want a pigmented lipstick if you’re reaching for one. But after a year or so of seeing these on their website, I decided with this collection that I wanted to give it a try and see if my opinion changes. If so, I’ll probably get some more of these ultra blotted lips.

Shades that came in the Sol & Mar Collection:

  • Vitamin Sea: Orange terracotta
  • Ocean Ave: Hot orange-red
  • Soda Pop: Plummy rose

Overall, I’m still not sure how I feel about the Ultra Blotted Lip formula. I do love the shades Vitamin Sea and Soda Pop, but Ocean Ave just confuses me. So I think I’m possibly just more of a fan of the nude or not vibrant colors in this formula. But I do like how they feel on the lips as they are super lightweight and don’t dry out my lips. If you’ve tried this formula, what do you think of it? Or which shades do you love from this formula? And possibly I will try a few in the future.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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