ColourPop Summer “The Main Stage” Pressed Individual Shadows Set Review & Tutorial

It’s probably no surprise if you’ve been following my blog for a while that I’m a massive fan of the ColourPop eyeshadows especially their individual shadows. For this summer, they came out with what they called “The Main Stage” set which is a collection of 24 new shadows that range from neutrals to bronze to warm tones to cool tones. Really something for everyone with pops of color everywhere. Which is perfect for the summer since there are a lot of festivals that happen during this season. And what better time to have a bit of fun with makeup then when going to a festival?

ColourPop Main Stage ShadowsNow this collection of the 24 shadows with a large palette costs $90. Now when I ordered this, I got one of the shades twice and didn’t receive the large empty palette to put the shadows in as I was supposed to according to their website. But I had an empty palette already from them, so I just used that and I have a spare shadow if I hit pan on the other one. But the $90 does seem like a lot until you break it down. Individual pressed shadows from ColourPop typically cost $5 each and a large empty palette costs $10. So doing the math, if you were to purchase each item separately the total would come out to be $130. Thus meaning you save $40 getting everything in a set together. So that’s a good deal at around 30% off the total amount. However, with that being said you could also get a palette with almost the same amount of shadows from BH Cosmetics or Morphe that are only $15-30. But this collection isn’t meant to be a palette, it’s just a cheaper bundle of all of their individual shadows that come from this collection.

Considering I freaking love the ColourPop eyeshadow formula, I was down to get the full set granted after taking photos for the blog… this is not how I’m going to be storing my shadows. Unlike other people would probably would leave the shadows mixed in groups that make sense… I like to put mine together in what color they are. Meaning, all transition or creams go together, all red and orange shadows are together, all blues and teals go together, etc. Does that mean I need to pull out more palettes? Yes, but it’s organized in a way that I think looks very pleasing.

ColourPop Main Stage Shadows Collection.jpgAnyways…

Love the shadows! I can not state that enough. For this makeup tutorial that I filmed for YouTube, I decided to play with the more warmer tones from the summer collection to go with the red romper that I was wearing for the day. And I seriously love how it turned out since it reminded me a little of summer bonfires. I’m a little sad that some of my footage got corrupted as my editing software didn’t want to function so there’s a massive jump forward but I still love how it turned out in the end.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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