ColourPop This is For You Highlighter Palette Review

ColourPop This Is For You Highlighter Palette

On one of my more recent ColourPop purchases they had a special where you could get a free highlighter palette or set of Ultra Glossy Lips. As I don’t like lip gloss, I ended up going with the This is For You Highlighter Palette. Now in the past I’ve tried the ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter, but not any of their pressed highlighters. So this is a bit of a first impression of their pressed formula. In this palette they have three of their favorite shades from their In-nude-endo and Gimme More palettes in a sleek travel friendly packaging for $15. Though as I mentioned I received this has a free product with one of my other orders.

ColourPop This Is For You Highlighter

The shades in the palette are:

  • Morning After: light peach with highlights of gold and pink
  • Glad You Came: warm ivory
  • Bigger and Better: champagne

ColourPop This Is For You Highlight Swatches.jpg

Now as this is a combination of two different palettes and covers a range of skin tones. So not all of these highlighters I’m going to be wearing all of these shades on the high points of my cheeks. In reality I’m only going to be able to wear Glad You Came, which is the warm ivory. The champagne while gorgeous is too dark on my skin and would look like I just threw eyeshadows on my high points of my face. Same goes with Morning After. Which is why those two I’ll probably end up using these two as eyeshadows or inner corner highlights for my various looks.

I seriously love the way Glad You Came gives a nice glossy metallic looking ivory highlight, which is my absolute favorite type of highlighter.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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