ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac Palette & Supernova Shadows Review

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ColourPop Kathleen Lights Zodiac CollectionColourPop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac Collection

This collection is the third collab between ColourPop and Kathleen Lights. And included a palette, two supernova shadows, two super shock highlighters, and two lux lipsticks. I have enough highlighters nor a major fan of cream lipsticks, so I decided to skip out on these from the Zodiac collection and opted for the palette and supernova shadows instead. Kathleen designed this collection to go well with her previous collab of the Dream St palette which is one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time. So I’m kind of glad this new palette was designed to work out beautifully with that one.

The Zodiac Palette

ColourPop x Kathleen Lights The Zodiac Palette

ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac Palette.jpg

Due to ColourPop not allowing the same name twice, and in Kathleen’s first collab with them they named some of the liquid lipsticks after zodiac signs each of the shadow names had ‘the’ added the beginning of each of the signs. Unlike the Dream St palette, this one does include a mirror and will run you about $18. Which is on par with their other eyeshadow palettes based off the number of shades and the inclusion of a mirror. Each pan of shadows contain 0.85 g or 0.03 oz of product. And there’s 12 shadows in total, one for each of the zodiac signs.

Shade Descriptions

  • The Aries: This metallic firey orange is as bold as your confidence
  • The Taurus: You can rely on this matte camel brown, uh huh!
  • The Gemini: Express yourself in this metallic antique gold
  • The Cancer: This soft peachy pink with a golden sheen feels like home
  • The Leo: This soft coral with a gold flip is sure to grab your attention
  • The Virgo: You’ll wear this matte dark chocolate brown with practically every look
  • The Libra: This matte light dusty rose brings balance to any look
  • The Scorpio: Share your passion with this rich metallic plum
  • The Sagittarius: Up for an adventure? Try this matte magenta purple
  • The Capricorn: Shoot for the stars with this black with gold glitter
  • The Aquarius: This matte periwinkle blue will unleash your creativity
  • The Pisces: Be a daydream believer in this vibrant metallic aqua

ColourPop Kathleen Lights Zodiac Collection SwatchesColourPop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac Palette Swatches

Supernova Shadows

Each of these supernova shadows costs $7 for 4.7 g or 0.17 oz of product. I love this formula to use in a cut crease look, in the inner corners of the eyes, or all across the lid as a base for my eyeshadow to give it at extra metallic/glitter pop. They are long lastely and are full coverage with one swipe. The two supernova shadows in this collection are:

  • Constellation: A gorgeous champagne pink.
  • Astrology: An antique olive gold.

I’m honestly surprised ColourPop didn’t have these shades before, but there are a lot of shades I wish would come out in this formula. And I hope they continue to expand this range as I love it! Plus it’s the first liquid eyeshadow with glitter that I’ve worn where my metal allergy didn’t cause me to want to scratch my eyes off.

ColourPop The Zodiac Palette Taurus Creative Makeup Look.jpgTypically for palette reviews, I share something that’s a common makeup look that I would do with a palette. But I was feeling inspired by the concept especially after sharing all of my signs recently, so I thought I would do something really creative. I used most of the shadows in the palette along with the Supernova shadow in Astrology to creative this look. The sign I showcased was my zodiac sign: Taurus. So to create this look I converted a look I had on during the day time into this creative one. So the regular look was taking The Libra all over the lids and up to the brow bone. Then I took The Taurus in the crease to deepen things up. Next I took The Virgo to deepened the crease even more. Then I took The Aquarius across the outer half of my eyes then deepened the outer corner more with The Capricorn. Next I applied Astrology on the inner half of my lids then topped the supernova shadow with The Gemini. Then I applied liner and mascara. Now onto the creative part. I started by taking The Aquarius everywhere under my eyes then did patches of The Pisces, The Sagittarius, and The Scorpio. Then to blend in with the outer corner I added some more The Capricorn to finish that space vibes around my eyes. I also added some more The Pisces to the upper brow bone. For the finishing touches I used some white liquid liner to created dotted stars and the Taurus star sign with more Astrology where each main star in the sign is. And lastly just to make my brows not seem out of place, I used some black eyeliner to make them black. Of course, I applied some mascara as well. I really like how the look turned out plus it shows off most of the shadows in action from this palette. Granted in a very creative way.

ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac Palette

Overall, I seriously love this palette and I think it works out wonderfully with the Dream St. Palette which is one of my favorites of all time from ColourPop. What do you think of The Zodiac collaboration with Kathleen Lights?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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