ColourPop x Shayla Perception Palette Review

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The latest collaboration eyeshadow palette ColourPop has done and this time it was with Shayla, who is a beauty YouTuber under the username MakeupShayla. I love that this palette is filled with colorful shadows with a mix of matte and metallic finishes. Though there are far more metallics and mattes with glitter then actual mattes. For me, this palette doesn’t have everything I want in a palette so I do need to mix other shadows with this palette to get a complete look.

This palette does include a mirror and runs you $23 for 16 shadows¬†each with 1.0g (0.035oz) of product. Or each shade in the palette is around $1.50, granted you cannot purchase the shades individually. As for the amount of product, that is the typical amount most of the other ColourPop palettes come with. For a cost comparison, another 16-pan shadow from ColourPop (Fame or Fortune) cost $22 and do not include a mirror inside. Considering you also get a mirror in this palette compared to those that did not, this palette is a better deal. As I love a palette that comes with a mirror. ColourPop typically does not add on a lot for a mirror to the overall price, so I don’t know why they don’t include it on their other palettes. But I’m glad this one does include one.

Shade Descriptions

  • Unbothered: metallic ivory with a peachy flip
  • TF: metallic true gold
  • Titus: metallic gunmetal
  • Stallion: matte black with blue glitter
  • Spill the Tea: metallic warm taupe
  • Diva: metallic amber
  • I.E.: metallic olive
  • 14: metallic navy
  • Strut ‘n Slay: metallic rosy copper
  • Culture: matte soft brown
  • Sassy: metallic eggplant with a teal flip
  • September: metallic pinky violet
  • Revenge: matte red brown
  • Thic: matte vibrant orange
  • Played Out: matte chocolate brown
  • Shade: deep matte purple with violet glitter


ColourPop Shayla Perception Palette Row 1

First Row from left to right: Unbothered, TF, Titus, and Stallion

ColourPop Shayla Perception Palette Row 2

Second Row from left to right: Spill the Tea, Diva, I.E., and 14

ColourPop Shayla Perception Palette Row 3

Third row from left to right: Strut ‘n Slay, Culture, Sassy, and September

ColourPop Shayla Perception Palette Row 4

Fourth row from left to right: Revenge, Thic, Played Out, and Shade

Overall Thoughts

You can’t go too wrong with a metallic formula, though I would have loved if this palette included more matte shades as you don’t want to do an entire look with just metallics. They look beautiful on the eyes but to me they aren’t a full look. You need a matte to go into the crease, transition, and create that outer corner dimension with. Yes, the palette does include some mattes but for me there are no transitions so I would have to pull in other palettes or individual shadows to create a complete look. It can be done, but I would have loved some lighter shades for transitions. Shayla, however, does have a darker complexion so I can see why there aren’t any light shades. Not everyone wants or needs a light shade to be their transitions. So I’m not going to dock the palette just because of that. However, considering the limited number of matte shadows in the palette… 2 of them contain glitter leaving you with just four matte shades and twelve glitter/metallic shades. It’s a bit of an uneven blend.

The ColourPop x Shayla Perception palette just reminds me of the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette, are the metallics gorgeous and work like a dream? Yes, but I’m going to be needing to dip into other palettes to create a look. And $23 is up there in price, I could get the BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette (which I love) that has a more even balance between the colorful metallics and matte shadows for around the same price if not less.

That doesn’t mean the Perception Palette is bad by any means, I love the formula and you can only do so many ColourPop eyeshadow reviews where you say the same things over and over again since my opinion has not changed. Each eyeshadow palette performs pretty much the same from what I have experienced, so I wanted to get into my critics with this palette just since I have some this time around as compared to the other palettes.

ColourPop and Shayla Perception Palette

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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